: Rear Air Suspension "hissing/buzzing" after moderate drive.

01-24-11, 08:28 PM
Hello, After moderate driving there is a hissing,buzzing type sound coming from the rear wheel wells, if I turn the car off, and back on the noise stops. When going on a short drive to the corner store and back the noise does not occure.

The previous owner of my car replaced both rear air shocks in Feb 09, and I can hear the compressor kick on and off briefly when getting in the car and such, the air compressor is not stuck on, or running constantly.

Does anybody have any idea wat this could be? Today when I got home I let the car run for at least five minutes in park and the noise never stopped until I turned the car off and back on. Also, no codes or service lights on or current.

03-12-11, 05:01 PM
It is probably from a punctured Air Bag for the suspension, i have the same problem when i start it up and sometimes when at stops.

johnny kannapo
03-14-11, 10:06 PM
Does the rear squat down after shutdown?

Is it trimming up ride hight to the correct level or too high?

If not, the problem may be in the pump, pump switch, or regulator, Line couplings.

03-19-11, 03:18 AM
2003 deville base.
Hello, I may have the same buzzing sound mainly from the right rear wheel well. my kids on the back seat also complain the car get nosier, since the buzz shows up. It sounds like the buzz of a small motor. there is no such sound if the car not running. if i just put the key on, not start the engine, i can hear the air compressor start and stop, but no such buzzing at all. no code shows up. is it the sound of fuel pump? is it a bad sign of the fuel pump? is there any small motor except for air compressor and fuel pump?
Thanks a lot.

03-28-11, 05:01 PM
The ELC (Electronic Level Control) compressor is in the RR wheelwell. It should run for a second about 10 seconds after START, then remain off unless the loads in the rear seat or trunk are changed: extra weight, compressor levels the car; remove weight, exhaust valve lowers rear to level.

Compressor starts and stops - air leak.