: Guess the noise!

01-24-11, 03:34 PM
Any idea's what could be making this noise? see YT video link below.. it seems to come from rear of the car.. my rear end has always had a slight howl to it, but nothing like this.. started about a week ago, only does it when it gets warmed up, and only when driving above like 25+ mph.. when I slow down below that it just stops.. not the best audio, turn your sound up to really hear it well.


Black Sunshine
01-24-11, 04:18 PM
Sorry, no way to diagnose a sound without some directional input so the video doesn't help much. Have you tried getting someone to drive the car while you climb in the back with the seats down to try to pinpoint the origin? Have you done a visual inspection of the car's hind quarters? Axle boots all good? Drive shaft components look good? Wheel bearings rolling free? When's the last time the rear was serviced? (the drain plug is magnetic and should be a quick indicator of internal part failure)

On a 2004 that has exhibited a whine in the rear end previously? I'd guess your clutches and springs are shot in the rear end.

01-24-11, 05:14 PM
I just changed the differential fluid on Sat, that didn't help anything. I did notice that the rear end seems to be leaking some, but it had plenty of fluid when i drained it out. car has 50k miles on it. I'm going to jack it up again tonight and inspect the wheel bearings, and take a good look at it overall.

01-24-11, 06:03 PM
Doesn't sound like the diff to me, too high pitched. (if you're talking about the faint noise that creeps in there at the end). Could be the carrier bearing in the middle of the driveshaft, you could nail it with grease to see if it quiets down..

01-25-11, 12:21 PM
I haven't had a chance to inspect the car again. Maybe tonight, we'll see.

You can't hear the noise very well in the first video..so I've uploaded a new video, you can hear what I'm talking about a lot better.

CadzillaTN: Thx! I will try that when I get under the car again if I can't find anything else wrong with it.

for some reason the embedded video/youtube isn't working.. here is the link though:


01-25-11, 08:13 PM
No idea. Are you driving at a set speed or accelerating/decelerating? Where is the mic?
Sounds like a squeaky belt would at idle..If you're driving around, I wonder if it could be a wheel bearing that just crapped for good? That sounds terrible but I would say its definitely not the diff unless the fluid leaked out completely haha.

I'm convinced I have at least one bad wheel bearing but I don't know how to diagnose them.. I have cheapo crap tires which are loud but this noise seems to be coming from one wheel, just can't tell which one..

01-26-11, 04:43 PM
Driving at a constant speed.. It only happens while driving, and after the car has warmed up a bit.. usually takes driving 5 - 10 mins before I start hearing it..

Weird thing is sometimes I'll drive around and it won't happen.. but most of the time it does. yes, it does sound like a squeaky belt, but it sounds like its coming from the rear of the car.. (at least as far as I can tell)..

I'm not sure how to diagnose a bad wheel bearing either...seems like that is possibly my problem, so I'll have to do some reading before I get a chance to inspect the car this weekend.

what kind of tires do you have?