: Links to member's other media pages.

01-21-11, 07:09 AM
I thought it would be cool to post links to other web pages, etc., i.e. YouTube pages, Facebook, etc. Here is a link to one of mine:

YouTube - hotrodctsv


01-21-11, 07:43 AM
Brian - this is a great idea, but I couldn't get your link to work. Is it me?

I assume you are limiting this to V-related sites/videos, etc.?


01-21-11, 08:16 AM
Lol. That isn't a link I posted, it's my screen name on YouTube. If you type that into the search on YouTube, my videos will come up.

You can put whatever links you want on here. I have a bunch of different vids on there. Riding dirt bikes in Baja, CTS-V track days, some vids of my 280Z.

01-21-11, 08:36 AM
Ah, it was me. Doh!