: To owner of Silver CTS-V near Berlin, NJ

01-20-11, 06:56 PM
Hey there, I had a couple runs with a nice silver CTS-V with modified exhaust near Berlin, NJ. He had a "Navy Military Police" license plate frame. Are you on this board? Anyone know him? Anyway, we had one little 30-80 run, and then finally lined up at a light. I was all set and pumped-- it's hard to get a decent race around here. The light turned green and he spun bad, and then POP!! POP!! and he stalled. I was gonna turn around and see if he was OK, but too much traffic and I was running late. Sorry dude!

If you are on here, hope your beast is OK (sounded like blown rear end). It's a shame-- car sounded great and it was fast as hell. Btw we were neck and neck from 30-80 (stock 2004 MB E55 with crappy snow tires that almost got me killed).