: 4.6 northstar injector information

James AndEm
01-20-11, 02:30 AM
i have a ld8 4.6l 32 valve northstar engine.

i would like to know the cc's or lb/hr of these injectors. also any other information you have.


01-20-11, 08:07 PM
Not sure where this is leading, but the factory injectors and 45 psi rail pressure will flow much more fuel than the 279 cu/in engine can ever handle.

Jumping to conclusions, higher rated injectors and/or nitrous will cause great grief.

...........if the engine will be rebuilt and installed in a non-FWD vehicle, contact www.chrfab.com

01-21-11, 05:39 PM
Well, to actually answer the question asked, the injectors are rated at 24lbs/hr at GM's typical 43.5psi. Delphi part # FJ10664.

If you are modifying things, don't forget to take that feed pressure into account. Not sure if you are replacing the fuel pump and regulator as well, but doing so will render any stock ratings that you will find on the injectors useless.

What's the project? You know how to tune GM PCM's? I always kind of wanted to get into this a little more, but never found a reason to yet.

James AndEm
01-23-11, 01:55 AM
Thanks for actualy answering the question asked. I had a mate who put a new engine in his cadillac after blowing a coolant hose and cooking the motor. i took the injectors out of it for a project i am building but had no idea what they are flowing. the project isnt actually a cadillac but a Holden.Last time i used this website was 5 years ago when i owned a 1980 cadillac fleetwood. Cadillacs are pretty rare in New Zealand and am proud to have owned one.