: DivX Movies w/ RSE

01-19-11, 07:31 PM
Can't try it out because I'm away from home (boohoo I miss my new baby), but are there any regular DivX users out there? The way I envision it is being able to load a DVD (4.6GB) with, say, 6-7 full length DivX movies (700MB) to encompass the full Toy Story trilogy, Cars, Up, and other pertinent Pixar flicks to keep my 2 year old son interested on the road.

Is this possible? Is there a menu that lets you choose from the multiple files on your disk? Any tips or pointers? Thanks!


01-19-11, 08:23 PM
Yes and yes. Everything's explained below. I fit either 5 or 6 movies on a DVD, depending on the length and/or bitrate.