: Help in search of MODS...

01-27-03, 09:05 PM
Is there common ways to mod. the northstar engine? Are aftermarket kits like, PCM, Mufflers, High Flow cats, Injectors, Air Mass flow sensors, and so on. Pretty much all bolt on mods. I allready have the K&N Drop in filter... are there any FIPK's for the Eldorado? Any experience or info would be greatly appreciated.

02-05-03, 08:46 PM

97 Eldog's to my knowledge do not have mass air flow sensors.

You don't need injectors unless you have something that requires more fuel (ie turbo, blower).

You can always do a wet kit (no dry kit cuz no MAF). I'm loving my nitrous setup :) (PM me if you want more help on a nitrous setup, as I just finished mine on my 94 seville STS).

I did a free exhaust mod which involved bolting off from the cat and back. It sure made the car loud but man did it help. :)

I made a custom intake (see my other thread and read down some past my 1st ghetto intake).

I might pick up the RSM Racing ported throttle body. I've heard some good reviews of that.

You could always port the heads or something using a dremel or a die grinder or pay someone over 1k bucks to do it for you (boo).

Other than that, I'm currently searching for mods as well. :) Anyone seen parts for rebuilding the engine or stroking it?

02-05-03, 09:01 PM
In 1996, I believe Cadillac switched from speed density fuel injection to mass air fuel injection. 1996 and later Northstars all have MAF sensors.

02-05-03, 09:08 PM
Ahhh.... thanks for the clarifying. Damn me, I have a 94. :)

02-05-03, 09:14 PM
Well thanks for your help...anyway. The thought was there

02-11-03, 06:17 PM
My caddy seems to have both a MAF sensor as well as a MAP sensor. I have an Autotap diagnostic tool which lets me monitor all the sensors using my laptop. Well I can get a signal from botj the MAP sensor telling me the pressure in the manifold and the MAF sensor telling me how much air is flowing through it. This is common among many high end engines. I know Audi does it on it's V8s too.

As for mods...I think we are all in search. RSM racing has some. I also found an intake advertized by Lund cadillac. I sent them an email and they told me to call. I just haven't gotten a chance to call them. Cadillac hotrod fabricators has some stuff but it's mostly meant for use in northstars that are used in hotrods...often with carbs, or sometimes custom injection systems. They generally aren't designed to be compatible with the factory engine management system. Corsa has an aftermarket cat-back exhaust. I may have to get that. What I would like to see is a decent intake and exhaust, (the above mentioned ones may be decent) coupled with a head and cam package, and a chip to adjust the fueling. I think we could have a healthy four hundred horsepower if the head and cam package is well designed. I'd also like to find lower/stiffer springs, and thicker swaybars for my DTS. I'm not sure how the load leveling system would work with that though.


02-11-03, 07:19 PM
Yes, I think all the Northstars have a MAP sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor). Only the later ones (1996 and beyond) have a MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow sensor).