: HIGHEST Mileage Cadillac w/ Northstar in Mint Condition. Greatest Car.

01-18-11, 10:03 AM
To Whom this May Concern,

Around 2002 we purchased a 2000 Cadillac DTS, with approx. 15k miles on it. It is fully loaded, with the Fan Blade OEM Chrome Wheels. The Color scheme is Black on Black, easily the sexist color combo for any Cadillac. I write to you today to inform you, that my Cadillac DTS has 294k miles and currently I'm putting about 1500-1750 miles on it a month, I will be at 300k Miles in a matter of months. The reason why this amount of miles is significant is because the Northstar Engine, and Transmission is completely original, NOTHING has ever been rebuilt. I have searched on the forums, and all over the internet. I still have yet to find a Cadillac as nice as mine, with more miles and all original. I have been told by over a dozen people who talk to me about the car to write a letter to Cadillac, maybe they will use it for advertising, promotions, etc. Although It is not perfect, It was built in November of 1999 and has been used everyday but never abused. This car is on its 11th year, and there is still no rust and the undercarriage is still nice. Hoping to hear back.

I have attached some quick pictures I have taken of my car, Its hard to keep the DTS clean in Cleveland, OH. Its a Picture of the Odometer, exterior, interior, and some quick shots of our CTS.


Exterior Shots:

Interior Shots:


Thank You,
Zachary Morrow