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Drugs are bad mmmmmkay. :pwn:

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What a terrible shame that bad choices so devastated such a talented star! Back when Whitney was at the height of her abilities, in the mid-nineties I saw her perform at NAACP's "Image Awards" at the Pasadena Center and she was magnificent. My wife was a "loaned executive" to the organization that put on the show and we got especially good seats for the TV taping of the show. Whitney's brother and mother, both equally talented musicians, also performed at the show. "Sinbad" also put on a brilliant performance entertaining the audience between takes. It was a very long night (not evening as we finally got out of at about 3 A.M.).

Having witnessed first hand the brilliance of Whitney's talent it has been especially sad to watch the destruction of that wonderful gift after her marriage to Bobby Brown and the destruction that the marriage and drug use brought to her life. While by no means unique in music and entertainment world, Whitney's decline from spousal abuse and drug use was especially depressing because of the brilliance of her talent.

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She is as whack as the crack she smacked...

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FWIW, I believe dionne warwick is her aunt, also the song was written by dolly parton.

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TOTAL FALL from grace?

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What a complete and total utter waste of 27 seconds! She sucks and always has IMO. :eek::cool2:

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TOTAL FALL from grace?

I was kind of hoping she'd fall off the stage.

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She looks like an alien in that video...

Lord Cadillac
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I really thought she'd have got it back together by now.. It's a shame.. She's gone for good...

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Judy Garland, chapter two.

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Holy shit! I'm more on key than her!