View Full Version : 1989 Fleetwood Brogham parking lites on all of the time.

01-16-11, 05:21 PM
We had the headlights go off when using the twilight feature. Turned headlights on manually. When car was shut off dash lights and running lights would not shut off. Now we have the whole light switch out of the dash and when you hook up battery running lights still light up. We have found the twilight controller and have not figured how to get it out of the dash. It has to be the problem? Can we run headlights manually if we can unhook twilight module? We need some help please. Thanks Mark.

01-26-11, 01:39 AM
maybe you have the switch that turns them on set for a longer period for them to stay on after car has been turned off. The controller is fun to remove, lol. I had to replace mine a couple of times. There are two bolts that hold it and you have to remove the lower A/C duct to have better room. I think you can unhook the controller and still have your lights functioning with your normal switch. But not sure????
When you say headlights go off when using the feature you mean you had them all on and the headlights went out yet the dash/running lights stayed on? Same thing on mine and it was the controller. You have to remove as a set though, so you'll have too remove the sensor under the left speaker grille but you have to remove the whole upper dash to get to it.