: Really love the 2011 SRX but scared to buy it...help =(

01-16-11, 02:35 PM
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Hi guys

Currently I drive a 2008 Town and country with 32k miles on it with good amount of options.
During my 3 years with this car, I went into my dealer for service 6 times for various problems (one problem they still cant fix )
It's darn right frustrating having to spend so much time at the dealer when you pay close to 40k for a vehicle.

I am now in the market for another car and I promised myself that I will only buy Honda,Acura,Toyota,Lexus since they seem to be the most dependable cars from personal experience (almost everyone I know drives a Honda/Acura/Lexus and none of them ever had to go into service so many times in the first three years )
With this in mind, I was looking into Lexus RX, Acura MDX, Acura RDX and maybe toyota highlander.

Yesterday on my way to an Acura dealer, I happened to pass my a Cadillac dealer and me and the wife decided to go check out what they had to offer.
To be honest, I never paid any attentions to cadillacs till now but really thought that most caddies targeted the older, mid 40's + crowd ( because I am 30 and none of my friends ever talk about caddies lol )
To my surprise, the 2011 SRX was honestly the most beautiful and luxurious looking car in the price range, even compared to a 2011 Acura MDX (which my father in law bought about a month ago ), I personally thought the SRX looked better in every way.

Me and my wife came back home (without visiting the other dealers lol ) and looked up more on the SRX.
Everything was perfect until I saw the many many horrific stories about the newly designed SRX on this forum as well as other forums such as edmunds.
Not wanting to believe the problems lot of people had on the SRX, I looked for forums talking about RX and MDX to make myself believe that the whiners and complainers are always the loudest and therefore stand out.
Unfortunately I couldnt find much posts about those two cars having problems.

With this being said, I still want the SRX more than any other car in its price group and I need some encouragement lol (sounds like I am going to buy the SRX no matter what you guys say )

3 simple questions.

Did they get rid of all the problems of 2010 model when they introduced the 2011 models?

How was the dependability/reliability of Cadillacs in the past?
I hate to relive the nightmares of my current Chrysler T&C

How is the resale values on Cadillacs in general?

I need some encouragement here :worship:

p.s. sorry for the long post

01-16-11, 03:15 PM
I had a similar experience as you. I was looking at the Acura MDX and had no idea that the new SRX even existed. I was on my way back from the Acura dealer when I stopped at the local Cadillac dealership and discovered the new SRX. I really like to looks of it. I have not had to deal with the horrors that some have been through on here. But keep in mind that most people come here looking for relief to their problems and not to give glowing reviews of their trouble-free vehicle. So what you read will be somewhat skewed toward to people with the problems. Granted, I only have about 7800 miles on my car so I can't give any advice related to how it holds up long term.

I don't think a lot of the issues that were found in the 2010 SRX have been addressed in the 2011 model but I wouldn't swear to it. I have read some posts here with 2011 models having some of the same problems as the 2010. That is why I make that statement.

The MDX has been out for quite a bit longer than the new design of the SRX. So they have had time to work out the kinks. However, that is not to say that Acura didn't do a better job of debugging theirs before releasing it. I think American companies are notorious for releasing products to the public before they have properly been tested. They want to hurry up and book short term revenue and don't think about the long term consequences.

I'll most likely return to a Japanese brand car when I ready to trade again.

01-16-11, 03:32 PM
Thanks for the quick reply...

I was wondering, what made you decide to go back to a Japanese brand car after your SRX especially when you havent had any problems?

01-16-11, 03:46 PM
Mine has been trouble free so far but I only have 4000 miles on it. The Lexus is the gold standard since it has been around so long and has a proven track record. One thing I strongly suggest is find out how good the Cadillac dealer in your area is when it comes to post sales service and warranty. This is very important as some of us have had real good experiences with our dealers and others have had horror shows! If you see a SRX that you want to buy, test drive it for at least a week or longer if possible. Usually faulty things show up quickly on these. On the positive side, they are fun to drive, people love the looks of them and they are a multi purpose vehicle. If you do get a good one, you can`t beat it!

01-16-11, 03:58 PM
Did they get rid of all the problems of 2010 model when they introduced the 2011 models?

There have been some small problems that are inherent in first year models. Most were easily fixed via a software update and eliminated in the 2011 model. To my knowledge there has only been one widespread recurrent problem with the 2010 SRX, and that's the infamous chrome strip. There have been some with strut problems and steering column noises. Those are only widespread ON THIS FORUM and are not representative of the total SRX population.

How was the dependability/reliability of Cadillacs in the past? I hate to relive the nightmares of my current Chrysler T&C

In the past they were not the best, although Cadillac has made great strides in this area. Consumer reports rates "predicted reliability" at around the middle of the road. However, predicted reliability is based on past model years. This is not always indicative of present and future reliability. Case in point. According to the same website the reliability of the 2010 model is near perfect. You need to be a member to access this data on the CR website, so I copied a screen shot into the attached PDF.

I'm not sure what info on Edmunds.com you're referring to. According to this link, with 86 customer reviews the average score is 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.


How is the resale values on Cadillacs in general?

The resale values of all Cadillacs are somewhat less than that of their Japanese counterparts. This is partly due to people's perceptions, which are based on past model years. Personally, this is not a factor for me, as I keep my cars for a long time. Regardless of the make they're never worth much by the time I get rid of them. Your personal situation may dictate differently.

The bottom line is this. I've said this many times before. This forum is where people with problems come. It's like going to the Dr's office and complaining that all you see are sick people. The vast majority of happy SRX owners don't frequent forums. Reading about some of the problems on this site gives one the illusion that all SRXs are problematic. This is just not the case. My advice to you would be this. If you really like the car, find a good dealer (www.dealerrater.com), insist on an overnight test drive, get the best deal you can and then sit back and enjoy your new car. The odds are in your favor that you won't get a lemon. As for the minor mechanical problems all cars have, that's what a warranty is for. I love my SRX. Given the chance to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat.


01-16-11, 03:59 PM
Thanks Geevee for your quick reply.

I know I must sound like a real newb here but how will the dealer let me test drive the model I want for a week??
Usually all the dealers I had bought from in the past has one car specifically for test driving ( which they later sell it as a demo/loaner )
At least in NY I never heard of dealers letting customers test drive for a week...

01-16-11, 04:04 PM
Thx a lot Sube..
I actually made a decision based on your reply as well as others before you lol

I am going to goto the dealer tomorrow to actually test drive and perhaps come out with the vehicle tomorrow

Thx again and I really appreciate everyone help ;)

01-16-11, 04:07 PM
Thx a lot Sube..
I actually made a decision based on your reply as well as others before you lol

I am going to goto the dealer tomorrow to actually test drive and perhaps come out with the vehicle tomorrow

Thx again and I really appreciate everyone help ;)

Great! Keep us all posted on the outcome. If you're really "trading a diablo", they should owe you money. :bouncy:


01-16-11, 04:17 PM
haha sube

tradingdiablo was an Ebay ID I made back in college selling Diablo 2 items( pc game incase you were wondering ) on Ebay.
Believe it or not, some people paid loads of money for intagible things that can only be used in online computer games lol
I practically lived through my college years from this "part time" job I had..

Anyway I will definitely keep you posted on the outcome, I haven't been this excited since the 95 mustang I had back in college lol

01-16-11, 05:03 PM
Just wanted to add my two cents. I have my Luxury SRX since June 2010, I never had a nicer riding car with great looks as this in my life. I had just one small minor problem where the dealership couldn't do more for me. I would hightly recommend this car to anyone. This car makes your feel that you are on the top of the world.

01-16-11, 06:45 PM
I Love my SRX. This is my SECOND SRX. I purchased the 1st year model in 2004 and the 1st Year of the Second Generation in 2010. I love the 2010 even more than the 2004; it has everything I could ever want in a car; Price, Performance, Style, features. I have not had ONE issue with my car. I just couldn't think of purchasing anything else; well except maybe a Vayron! The one thing you can count on is that GM will stand behind their cars.

I'd go for it...

Best of luck with your decision.

01-16-11, 07:38 PM
Thanks for the quick reply...

I was wondering, what made you decide to go back to a Japanese brand car after your SRX especially when you havent had any problems?

I still have my 2010 SRX and haven't had any major problems. The reason I'm thinking my next car will be Japanese is because my last 3 were Nissan, Infiniti, and Infiniti. I never had a single problem with any of these vehicles. They were tight and the engine felt like it was well matched to the weight of the vehicle w/o being over or under powdered.

I think the 3.0L is slightly under powered for the SRX but didn't want the overhead of the Turbo engine (more expensive and premium fuel required). The SRX tends to have some rattles in the back that are worse when it's cold outside. I never had this is my previous vehicles at all. The jury is still out on the long term track record for repairs on the SRX. I can't comment on that except to say that my "gut" feeling is that it's going to be problematic. I've got my fingers crossed on the front end noises that a lot of people are complaining about on here. I hope I don't get them.

I would probably have bought the MDX except it cost more and the simulated wood trim was UGLY to me. The SRX's interior just seemed a bit more polished in that regard.

01-17-11, 12:39 PM
Trading Diablo, i bought my '10 Premium in March of last year, and have only had two "real" problems since. One- Rear heated seats worked intermittently; and Two- squeaky front upper strut mount. Both of which the dealer took care of with no problems. (Just waiting on part for strut).
I love the Cadillac Maintenance Program too, a vehicle while you wait for service performed, and free regular maintenance for 4 years/80000kms! :D

Oh, btw... i am 24. :D

01-19-11, 09:23 AM
I too followed this board for six months before making a purchase in late June 2010. I have about 7,500 miles on her and I love it today as much as the day I seen it all detailed on the showroom floor! During that six months it gave me a chance to search other boards such as RX Lexus board and found that people there too were having some problems as well.

So for me, there were off-setting complaints. But one thing for sure, the winner in the looks and styling department went to the SRX. Plus, there was no way I wasn't going to support an American company and drive a cookie cutter car like the Lexus RX 350 along with millions of other people.

I see them checking out the SRX when I pass... lol!! Get one you will love it! And I hope it will be as trouble-free as mine!

01-19-11, 11:01 AM
I have 18,600 miles on my 2010 lux.

There have been some very minor issues with mine. The storage compartment door in front of the gear selector got stuck and had to be replaced and the chrome molding below the mirrors fell off.

Other than that, it has been pretty trouble free.

I traded a BMW X3 for this car. Comparitively, the X3 seemed more solid with an engine that pured regardless of the conditions. Like most American cars, this engine seems to whine a little bit in the cold before it warms up. I feel a little bit of difference in the overall build quality compared to the BMW.

However. And that is a big however. This car, though expensive, is no where near the cost of BMWs.

So, would I select the BMW or the Caddy? For the money, its hands down Caddy. I don't feel that some of the small fit and finish and "solidness" of the car justifies almost double the price from BMW.

I say go for it if you really like it. This forum is often frequented by people who have issues looking for resolution and sometimes just to vent. How many people with the car never come online with an issue because they are satisfied?

01-19-11, 11:38 AM
I have owned a 2004, 2006, and now a 2010 SRX.
Is it perfect? No. Do I love it? Yes.
Do I choose to live in fear? No.
Is it the last car I will ever own? No
Buy the damn SRX.
Forums are harbors for negativity.
Nobody comes here to praise their Caddy or GM.
Buy the damn SRX!

01-19-11, 12:16 PM
I just purchased my new 2011 SRX... LOVE IT

01-19-11, 05:10 PM
I have more miles on the loaner/rental car than on my 2010 SRX. This is a very poor quality vehicle. I have had thousands of dollars in warranty work done. There is still no fix for the gas tank sloshing and rumbling. Stick with a Japanese product.

01-19-11, 07:49 PM
No problems with our 2010 except the dreaded chrome strip. I would buy aother on, unless something else comes along that strikes my fancy.

01-22-11, 12:18 PM
I purchased my 2011 SRX back in December and I really enjoy it. I will echo what many have already said. I feel that sometimes these forums will aim a person to look at more negatives than positives. This can often lead to a person becoming ultra-sensitive to looking for problems with their cars. I have been victim to this and have been listening out for every squeak and creak from my car (it was driving my wife crazy). Finally, after not encountering the problems that some of the 2010 owners had-I have finally started to mellow out and enjoy my car for what it is-a fantastic ride! Just realize that this is a crossover and that it is not a sports sedan. I test drove every crossover made (there may have been one or two I missed), and they are all underpowered in comparison to sedans. Furthermore, no matter the brand of the car/SUV, they all have odd character flaws akin to owning them. In the end I think you should just make a decision that you are happy with; if you love the car get the car. If the worry of potential problems is going to make you feel remorse-hold out a little longer and see how you feel. I will tell you after driving cars like the Audi Q5, Volvo XC 60, Lexus RX 350, Infiniti EX and FX, Nissan Murano, etc etc, it just made me happier being inside the Caddy-and I figured, what the hell-I can deal with potential problems because being in the Cadillac SRX just made me happy. It wasn't scientific, but also not completely emotional (it took 6 months of test driving all these cars over and over to make up my mind)! If Cadillac keeps up the good work they will completely convert me from my German Auto past! Happy hunting, let us know what you do!

01-22-11, 03:41 PM
Got my Turbo in November. I just LOVE this car. Problem free so far.

Smokin' SRX
01-24-11, 11:31 AM
We love our trouble free SRX. Get the Caddy! 98% of all owners do not post on Forums and you do tend to get mostly negs on any Forum. Gotta chuckle when my relatives say...." buy Japanese, they're better" then I remind them of the many Honda/Acura recalls and the so soon forgotten Toyota /Lexus disaster of cars accelerating out of control just recently. They say, "oh yeah, the one Toyota knew about but did nothing for YEARS!" Never criticize a Toyota/Lexus while standing in FRONT of it! Laugh my ass off when I see newer Toyota commercial saying......" at Toyota, we're moving forward!" That guy should be fired! The lawsuits are still pending.......

One thing I will reiterate is to get a GOOD Dealer! It makes all the difference. Ask around..........
Best wishes!


01-24-11, 02:28 PM
One thing I will reiterate is to get a GOOD Dealer! It makes all the difference. Ask around..........
Best wishes!


Exactly! Check out a dealer BEFORE you buy.



01-24-11, 02:57 PM
Trading.........your caution is sensible and wise.

I am a Gen I owner, not quite qualified to comment here on the Gen II except about the generalities about selecting a vehicle.

I'm not much of a risk taker, but I (and my wife) couldn't drive a car long term I (we) didn't truly enjoy, in both form and function (including dependability). But I asked myself, "Why can't I have both form and function?" Better yet, "How can I have my cake and eat it too?"

We also drove a lot of the Caddy's competition. No complaints against the competition, they just didn't get the blood moving or cost too much on a relative basis. Automobiles are a such a personal choice that it is difficult to get a concensus on an engine choice or color, let alone a vehicle brand and model.

I was worried about Cadillac dependability (middle of the road per CR, Edmunds, and JD Powers) and my piece of mind (repairs on my dime past the factory warranty) over the long haul, what it would take to get dependability and piece of mind, and then to keep them. The solutions have been discussed here: the right dealer and an extended warranty.

But I was also worried about the rapid depreciation expense Cadillacs and/or the domestics suffer versus their foreign competition counterparts, apples to apples vehicles. Solution: I made my depreciation concern go away by buying a low mileage certified pre-owned SRX (lease turn-in) with plans to drive it a long time (years and miles). The first owner took a HUGE depreciation hit, to my benefit. And I got to see all of the service records to see what I was getting myself into with this particular vehicle.

I would say there is a solution for each of your stated concerns. The solutions I developed for myself (dealer selected, warranty extension, CPO) are not rationalizations. They are simply tactics to mitigate potential and/or real dowsides.

BUT.............I now get to drive what I want and enjoy every mile doing so without worry. Do it right on the front end to mitigate your concerns and you will too.

Steve, Sube, and Smokin have it right. Automotive forums by nature attract the small percentage of folks with the problems, not the vast majority of those who have the relative trouble-free existence. As a practical matter, GM Jim has it right too. You want the SRX. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this forum and asking the right questions.

So what SRX are you going to buy? My money is on the 2.8L turbo for the engine. :)


01-25-11, 12:24 AM
Tradingdiablo, have you decided yet? We've been looking at the 2011 Srx's as well. I think you get a good value for the price. We're looking at Infiniti RX35's and Mercedes GLK's and this ride holds it own against these guys. Find yourself a good GM mechanic you can trust and go for it.

01-25-11, 12:50 AM
Welcome to the forum, jay_zee!!

01-26-11, 12:01 AM
Thanks PJ. We got some looking to do. Gotta go put our behinds in each ride and check 'em out, but how could anybody not like the SRX? Sweeet ride.

Smokin' SRX
01-26-11, 03:47 PM
Welcome again to forum. PLEASE have someone drive a FX35 away from you, while you're standing outside of it. Whatever that CV tranny and muffler do sounds horrible. That car sounds like a flatulent old man as it drives off! LOL. Really. Listen from outside before buying an Infinity!!

If $$ (both gas and initial cost) is a minimum concern, go TURBO!! :-)