: Dumb 307 Question: what is this part, and should it be connected to something?

01-16-11, 02:16 PM

Kinda has the look of being missing a vacuum hose from this to elsewhere

01-16-11, 04:03 PM
I believe that's your EGR Valve...an emissions part to directly control NOX.
I'll take a look where mine connects too.

Probability may be that the previous owners disconnected it because it went bad causing the car to have a very rough idle, and or even stall the car. One of the many easiest things to change out on the 307 if need be..

01-16-11, 05:25 PM
that's the EGR valve. it should have a vacuum line going to it...not 100% sure where it goes to, though...but if you have a vacuumd iagram it's easy to find.

01-16-11, 05:36 PM
The EGR valve connects to that box on the driver's side of the block; where all those other vacuum hoses are coming from. I call it the TOP SOL, because it is basically a computer controlled solenoid block, that directs vacuum to various parts of the engine.

There should be a diagram on the front clip of your car, but if it isn't there, here is a diagram I made:


The EGR is routed to the 4th port on the TOP SOL. I would recommend that you run through each line and make sure it is routed correctly. The green lines in the diagram are the vacuum routing for the Cruise control (not shown on the emissions schematic).

01-17-11, 03:36 AM
Thanks. The car does have a slightly odd running issue (please see my other thread on that one!) also my cruise control does not work. I'll trace all those vacuum lines now. Thanks again.