: Dashboard surgery on digital cluster

09-26-04, 12:30 PM
Has anyone had to fix problems with the digital inst. cluster on a '94 (et.al.) Fltwd.? My trip odom. has blanked out and nothing I do will get it to come back on. I've tried the usual finger thumps (damn I'm technical).
I do a lot of business driving, so the trip meter is very handy for keeping business mileage. I can live without it, but if anyone has been into the dash and can vouch on the dificulty factor I would appreciate a come-back.

I have a full factory tech. manual for reference and I'm not affraid to dive in. I'm hoping the problem might be with a plug-in module or something like that.


Barry Clark
09-26-04, 02:07 PM
I plan to send mine to Atlanta Speedometer.

09-26-04, 03:11 PM
I have problems like that with my 1991 too. It seems to be pretty common for that kind of dash. The only way to fix it is to bring it somewhere to be rebuilt.

09-29-04, 10:05 PM
Hey Guys!!! I Have The Same Problem Veryyy Often With My 96 Fwb....after A Few Hard Knocks On My Cluster It Comes On And Will Go Out Again In A Couple Of Days....

I Took Off The Cover For The Cluster And Looked At The Entir Electrical Board With All The Resistors And Chips And All That Crap....the Problem For Me Was The Little Bunch Of Resistors And Transistors And This Square Thing Thats Stuck To Another Resistor Type Thing With A Brown Glue....everytime I Push Down On The Quare "chip" The Light Comes Back On...its Def A Loose Connection And Im Sure You Have To Get It Rebuilt But I Unscrewed Even The Board But Couldnt Pull It Off Because It Felt As If The Wiring Harness In The Back Was Holding It In Place So I Could Even Get To The Back Of It ....where Is A Good Place To Have It Rebuilt?