: 3200 Hp!

09-26-04, 08:50 AM

I'm trying to stay away from the new STS since my 99 is paid for and clean, but Cadillac is intent on chasing me down.

After I drove through traffic for 2 hours for a family event Friday night, a local dealership had a new silver with black interior parked outside of an upscale restaurant for test drives. No time for a drive, but I was able view and sit in the vehicle.

Wow. Terrific seats - looks great in person. Wife had to drag me away due to time constraints.

As soon as I got home I had a mailer from Capitol Cadillac for an opening reception in October. My favorite part of the invite was the specs, they had a typo on the V8 hp - 3200!

Anyway, while I need to drive one, it seems like a terrific replacement for the old body style, a little tighter on the inside - width - but more performance!

Similar lines to the CTS, but larger, like BMW, Mercedes, etc. While it's been odd that Cadillac has started at the lower end and moved up, it makes sense from how their market has changed over the past 15 years.

Still love my '99, but...

99STS 97K

09-26-04, 04:06 PM
How about you put the '99 to 100,000 and trade it in :thumbsup:.

09-26-04, 06:22 PM
No kidding on the trade in. I feel like Cadi marketing has me in their cross hairs!

I'm like a crack ho trying to stay away from the dealer!

The 2005 STS is probably the best sedan built by Cadillac or anyone in the US.

On the competitive front, I've seriously looked at the XJR's - supercharged, sweet rides, questionable reliability, and will probably wait for the supercharged version of the STS, V, or whatever. You can't beat Cadillac on the power/luxury/handling/reliability equation.

Congrat's to whoever is buying the STS, it is a terrific car!

99 STS

09-26-04, 09:43 PM
Well its good your holdin on, then when the 2006 model rolls around with all the possible bugs worked out your just gona have to get it.

09-28-04, 08:27 AM
"V8 hp - 3200!"

Must be the Top Fuel Funny Car edition!

Young DeVille
09-29-04, 04:16 PM
Is this Capital Cadillac located in Greenbelt Maryland off of 495???

09-29-04, 05:28 PM
Yes. Capitol Cadillac. My sales guy a couple years ago was Phil Lark, probably the most professional and efficient car sales guy I've ever met. I was in and out in an hour as promised, and the car has been terrific.

No fuss, no muss.

99 STS 97K