: Hendrick Cadillac in Cary NC

01-15-11, 07:23 AM
All I can say is that these guys are top notch. From the service writers to the mechanics.

I took my 'new to me' V into them because I was concerned that when I bought the car from the dealership, they never set up the E-Brake. Nice huh. I asked Hendrick to go through the car end to end for me.

I was experiencing what I would call a lot of driveline recoil / slap when depressing the clutch. Anyway, it ended up being the driveshaft bushings. They replaced driveshaft, motor mounts, and the radio because the buttons were peeling and I was getting periodic random errors on the NAV system.

All covered under warranty and the car came back cleaner than how it was delivered to me. Even the back sides of the wheels were cleaned and polished.

Cory was my underwriter and Jay / Bob did the work on the car. It's never going anywhere else. So sad to see what the other dealer missed. I called them and complained about the e-brake and the General manager said "it left in working order so it must have been my fault". So I had to pay to have it adjusted. Poor service.

Anyway, significantly less driveline recoil and it idles much smoother. My E55 used to eat motor mounts too. Why they think they can put such soft mounts in these highline cars is beyond me. It's 400-500HP people!

I thought this was worth mentioning to folks here on the board.

01-15-11, 11:58 AM
Glad to hear you had a good experience! It is absolutely worth mentioning so that the dealers good behavior can be reinforced with added customers. Likewise the other asshats need to lose business and eventually go out. Ah the free economy.

01-15-11, 03:06 PM
My dad is from that area as well and has had nothing but good things to say about Hendrick... they even flipped him the keys to a new V coupe when he just stopped by to check it out when they hit the lot... definitely a great dealership for NC folks

01-15-11, 07:34 PM
I'm not from that area, but I bet folks would like to know the name of the dealership that dropped the ball - before you went to Hendrick.

Mike Shawn Lowrey
01-16-11, 10:28 AM
I also would like to know the year and mileage of the car. thank you

01-16-11, 12:06 PM
:hmm: Hendrick . . . Aren't they involved in NASCAR
and have also been involved with that unruly Stewart boy . . ? :hide:
Performance & Perfection is in their blood . .
Good to hear the reveiw :thumbsup:

01-16-11, 12:24 PM
^^^ yup

in town here they own the toyota store, and the 'jeff gordon' chevrolet store

01-18-11, 12:58 PM
Hendrick is TOP NOTCH. I bought my V from a guy in Cary NC (flew there , drove V back to IN) that took it there exclusively. I have all the paperwork they ever did, and even talked to the service manager before I bought it. They do excellent work and were very easy to deal with.

02-03-11, 02:58 AM
I'm pretty sure that's where the first owner of my V purchased from.