: Dead starter?

01-14-11, 12:20 PM
Had my battery tested at autzone after it failed to start, bought a new one, popped it in, it started once, turned it off, and now it wont start. When I turn the ignition, it clicks once but nothing

01-14-11, 05:13 PM
Battery and body terminal connectors clean ??

You would not be the first to find the starter motor positive cable or solenoid hot wire loose at the motor itself - and that's under the intake manifold.

01-15-11, 11:01 AM
Had it towed to Bill Mccurly GM here in Pasco, (less than a mile up the street from me), turns out the positive battery bolt on that cable was stripped, along with that I had the sensor for my air intake fixed, it broke when I attempted my hg project. Also had an ac vacuum line fixed that also broke during my hg attempt.

And as a courtesy they detailed my interior and gave her a thorough wash.
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Old Skool Soldier
01-19-11, 11:06 AM
Sounds like excellent service! I wonder if my Cadillac dealer will do the same for me, I dropped it off yesterday for a new waterpump, alternator, stabalizer link and fuel level sensor ground