: 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

01-14-11, 07:13 AM
What more is there to say about the last of the real Cadillac's, Body-On-Frame beast. It's perfect!

Now I haven't owned a ton of cars in my life, a handful actually, but all of them have been old cars, like classics. What's so great about the Fleetwood, is it reminds me of an old 70's Caddy, just more modern to use as a daily driver.

1.Performance: LT1 engine has enough power to satisfy anyone, I have no complaints, you can take this car up hills without worrying about it struggling to keep pace. The torque is also a great, you can really feel it when you step on the pedal, unlike high revving overhead cam motors that suck on low end power, this engine has the good old fashioned pushrods to get you moving quickly.

Other than the typical water pump failure, and Opti Spark failure depending on how well the car was maintained, the LT1 is extremely reliable, it doesn't burn oil which is a big deal in some engines, little things that typically wear out, don't wear out on the LT1. Overall there is little to worry about, these cars can been driven forever as long as you do some small maintenance like anything else.

Transmission is perfectly smooth, no problems with the 4L60E.

2.Ride: Probably the best car I have owned so far when it comes to ride quality. It's smooth, quiet and soft. Not floaty by any means, but just the right amount of control, and comfort. Unlike Town Cars that are bouncy, floaty and have this annoying soft uncontrollable ride, surprisingly the Fleetwood is firm but soft at the same time, it's difficult to explain, other than you need to drive one to know what I am talking about! The heavy curb weight adds to the hush and overall feeling of solidarity.

3. Interior/Comfort: This is my biggest gripe with the car, it doesn't look "Cadillacish" More plain GM if anything, but still nice. The seats are very comfortable, especially if you have the leather Brougham package. I don't know what kind of leather Cadillac used in the Fleetwoods, but man can they take a beating! I have no tears on either front seat They are high quality expensive lacquer based, which gives it a richness, and deep color shine unlike the crap leather produced in todays cars which looks cheap and bland. Interior trimming is good, I like the feel of the door panels, the upper half is leather, bottom half is vinyl, but still feels nice, no cracks other than the dash pad, or broken trim in my car as of yet. Some cheap feeling bits like the turn signal, wimpy feeling headlight switch, plastic door handles, and creaky center arm rest, other than small mishaps, the overall quality is good inside.Even the buttons feel nice and smooth when you press on them, not plasticky waiting to "break, snap off". The interior also feels tight and solid, like how a real Cadillac is supposed to feel, heavy duty. Very well constructed interior. The size of the interior is massive! It's home away from home, put it like that lol.

4.Looks/Styling: This is the main reason why I bought the car in the first place. No other car on the road today look nor feel like the last gen Fleetwoods. they are so demanding, and give off a powerful presence that is hard to ignore. All the chrome trim is nicely done, the boldness of the body makes people on the freeway cringe! Driving one of these Cadillac's gives you respect of others, on and off the road. People don't mess with me when I drive my Fleetwood, it's an intimating machine. Sure it looks like an extended Deville, but the proportions match the Fleetwood much better than the short fat looking Deville. I would never sell or trade up to obtain a new Cadillac, that is how much I love this car. It doesn't help that Cadillac hasn't built a real Caddy since 96.

So there you have it, the 93-96 Fleetwoods are really that perfect. It has great power performance, unlike the previous years, it has the size, both inside and out. Built old school, so it's much easier to work on and to maintain. It's very reliable, even with a tons of miles of racked up. Not too much fails on the last Gen Fleetwoods, thank god, because my previous Town Car was failure queen. Something always broke on it, or decided to stop working. Though the styling isn't "Classic Cadillac" such as the 90-92 Brougham's, it's still a beauty, turns heads, and makes a statement.

The Marshmallow
02-18-12, 07:35 PM
Nice writeup. I love my DeVille, but I totally would have bought one of these instead if I could have found a low-mileage example at the time I was looking. I've fantasized about owning one of these ever since my friend had a modded LTI Roadmaster. That thing was so much fun, and incredibly comfortable. I am sure the FB would be similarly awesome, and much better looking than any Roadmaster.

04-10-12, 09:15 PM
Very insightful. Thank you!