View Full Version : 93 Brougham. Fuel line leak help.

01-13-11, 10:28 PM
Fuel pump went bad recently so I just had a new fuel pump and filter put in it on Monday but yesterday I found a fuel line leaking when I was under the hood checking the oil. Fuel was squirting out of the nylon hose about an inch or so away from where it connects to the metal line. I'm assuming the hose has a small hole but it's hard to say for sure because the problem looks to be on the underside of the hose that is not easily visible in the 20 minutes of free time I had at work today.

My questions are:

1. Is there a somewhat easy way to fix this? I can't imagine repairing a small hole in a nylon hose can be all that difficult. Maybe there is some sort of clamp, adhesive, epoxy etc. I could use, even if it's not permanent.

2. Do you think maybe the shop that replaced the fuel pump could be responsible for this in any way? Called them today and they said a fuel line repair would run me about $120 plus $45 for a tow.

3. Any advice or suggestions whatsoever?

I'm 21 years old and have already put $700 into this thing over the past 3 weeks. I seriously cannot afford another shop repair anytime soon.

01-13-11, 10:51 PM
You can get a foot of tubing, that will fit the fuel line, for about $20, at any parts store. It shouldn't be too hard to run an new hose.

If you can't replace it, wrap it in duct tape (making sure the tape does not touch the exhaust or the block), and it should hold until you can get to a shop that can replace it.

01-13-11, 11:36 PM
There is probably an o-ring not properly seated.

01-14-11, 06:18 AM
They sell a repair kit for those plastic fuel lines at the parts stores.