: Sunroof seal in a 80 coupe

09-25-04, 09:36 PM
Does anyone know of a place that is still selling the seals?? I would hate to put an after market sunroof in my baby but right now she leaks BAD.

I have a friend who caulked his up but it looks awful.

Any help would be appreciated

09-25-04, 10:02 PM
Well the sunroof seal is suppose to let some water through. I have to replace the seal in my 95 due to wind noise. There are four drain hoses hooked up the sunroof mechanism, one at each corner. It is very common for those hose to clog with debris. The thing is its a pain to get to the hoses you have to drop the headliner. I would start there first though. A sunroof in a coupe is awesome. Don't seal it up!!!

09-25-04, 10:24 PM
Unfortunately both seals are to badly cracked, I tried the dialectic crease trick but they were just too far gone. The only choice I have at this point is complete replacement or ripping out the sunroof and putting in an after market product. And I really don't want to do the second option.

09-25-04, 10:35 PM
Did you try the dealer for the hell of it? They had my seal for about 85.00.
Maybe you can make a 95 one work. Also try auto upholstery place they might have something for you there. Don't forget to check the drains hose, even with a new seal it will still leak... I had an 85 with the same problem and my 95 leak too. both of those cars the the hose were clogged with crap. I blew them out with compressed air and Presto!!! No more leaks...

09-25-04, 10:43 PM
Thanks for the input I Will try a few upholstery places. As far as the Dealers they have discontinued the production of the seals. I have tried only local but Maybe I should blanket call the whole continent and see if anyone has what I need.

Hmmmm this gives me hope.......

09-25-04, 10:46 PM
Keep us posted I'll ask around locally. Anything to save a caddy sunroof from silicone... :D

10-02-04, 02:49 PM
Okay I have managed to find a used caddi with the same sunroof (plus a few other nice parts, leather uncracked dash ect...) the question is, can I remove the sunroof seal and use it.

and if I can how does on go about removing the seals?

10-03-04, 05:23 PM
i work at auto glas specialists, and we have a surplus of old sunroof parts, are you referring to the seal that goes between the body and the sunroof frame? or is this a power moonroof?

10-03-04, 08:23 PM
the seal it a two parter. An outer seal that goes between the sunroof and the body and an inner seal to stop leaking (I guess)

I don't think it is a moonroof as my friend has one that look diffrent than mine and whe it opens it move straight back, mine drops down then opens.