: Reboot!

01-13-11, 03:24 PM
Driving down the highway today at around 65 MPH. All the sudden all gauges on the center council turn off. The backlight turns off and the DIC goes blank. Looked like the car was off, with exception that I was cruising down the road and the nav system and stereo were still on. Then, boot animation on DIC, all the warning lights come on and go out. After the animation it says "Ice Possible Drive with Care", then "Washer fluid low, refill", then "Service Park Assist", then back to normal on the DIC.

All of the gauges start working again, and the backlights on the gauges illuminate.

After that, all normal.

Talk about freaking you out. What is the deal with the forced reboot while driving? Anybody else have that happen?