: Creaks and rattles

01-11-11, 11:05 PM
I know.... a lot has been discussed about owners with annoying noises and those who dont have them. I tried for a while to do some searching but the darn loading up of the millieau of ads on these threads is driving me crazy.

#1 - I have narrowed down a creak that is coming from the passenger seat beat receptacle when someone is buckled in tightly. With every stop and start of the car it creaks like a horror film's creaky door as the monster slithers in.

#2 - I read about the thumping noise coming from the gas in the tank. Thank you for that information!!! It is true.

#3 - Now we have a rattling noise that seems to come from the drivers side back hatch or roof. I sat in the back of the car with my husband driving and could hear it clearly. However, we cant figure out what would be rattling there. Spoiler and door hydraulics are secure.

Does anyone have the seatbelt creak or the back hatch rattle? [sounds like two dance moves] :banghead:

01-12-11, 09:10 AM
After reviewing many threads on this forum, it appears that "creaks and rattles" are more prevalent on the 2010 models. Have not seen this complaint much for 11's; in fact my SRX remains solid and quiet over all road surfaces. Possible that Cadillac made some improvements in this area. Maybe there are some service bulletins that address these fixes!

01-12-11, 11:56 AM
I have a July 2010 model and also solid and quiet. And, i travel over railroad tracks (3 sets) and speed bumps on my daily commute.

01-12-11, 12:32 PM
I just had my 2010 in to have the upper strut mounts replaced as discussed on another thread and mentioned to the service manager about a squeak coming from the rear of the car on bumps esp. when cold. They said the rear hatch was causing the squeak and tigthened the hatch - have not heard it yet so it may have fixed it.