: Hard starting '96 Brougham, need help tierd of buying parts

01-11-11, 07:04 PM
Still having problems starting the caddy (96 FWB). It started this a few weeks ago. It turns over but doesnt start, until I squirt a little starting fluid then it runs good. I can then stop and start it again as long as I don't leave it off for too long (over an hour) then it goes back to hard starting. So far I have replaced the fuel filter,crank position sensor, battery, and took it to have the injection system cleaned. I bought a new cap/rotor and throttle position sensor today but have not installed them yet. I plan to change the spark plugs when I do. Anything else could be causing this? Thanks for your help

01-11-11, 07:23 PM
Have you measured your fuel pressure?

01-11-11, 07:41 PM
Try to turn ignition ON a few times, but do not start the car. Do so four-five times and then start. See if it helps. You may have a bad fuel pump, or a bad anti drain back valve in the fuel pump, which will take awhile to build up enough pressure to start the car. If you need a fuel gauge, PM me. I have got an extra USA made fuel tester.

01-11-11, 07:49 PM
Sorry about that; had I know it was only hard to start when cold, I wouldn't have suggest the crank sensor.

Have the fuel system tested for both pressure and output. You can also have the injectors tested, to see if one of them is malfunctioning. If you are at all mechanical inclined, you can remove the injectors and test them for output yourself. Just disconnect the spark coil and place an injector in a metal can or glass measuring cup and have someone crank the engine. I don't the specification of how much fuel, a properly functioning fuel injector should pass for a given amount of time; someone one else on here should know.

01-11-11, 08:59 PM
I think I have a fuel pressure gauge, where do I hook it up and what reading am I expecting?

01-11-11, 09:37 PM
There is a Schreder valve on the fuel rail close to the middle of the firewall. Here are my readings, which are common - 43 PSI primed (ignition ON, engine not running), 36 PSI idle, 45 PSI w/o FPR (pull the vacuum line off the fuel pressure regulator at idle, dp not forget to reconnect), 35-41 PSI driving.

01-11-11, 09:53 PM
Nice HUF, is that for most fuel injected cars or just the LT1?

01-11-11, 10:48 PM
When you test the pressure, you should also test the fuel output. A pump that is giving you good pressure still might not be able to deliver enough fuel.

To measure output, disconnect the spark coil and the pump side of the fuel rail. Connect a rubber hose to the fuel line and put the other end in a coffee can. Crank the engine for 30 seconds. If your pump is delivering enough fuel, you should have about one quart of gasoline in the can.

01-11-11, 10:55 PM
Cannot tell about all fuel injected engines, but the 4.9l V-8 in my previous Cadillac had similar numbers for fuel pressure.

01-13-11, 07:39 AM
Check the fuel pressure, but a single bad injector wouldn't cause this behavior and it would be unusual for multiple injectors to fail at once.

Have you checked/replaced the IAC? If it's not functioning properly, that would explain why it's hard to start in the cold but is okay on a warm start. Opening it up to spray starting fluid in there might be giving it enough air to run. Is the idle speed okay? Faster during warm up and settles down properly?

01-14-11, 08:02 PM
Istalled new plugs and fuel pump. I think its good now, going to watch it the next couple of days since its cold here. It started right up after the pump went in.

01-14-11, 10:06 PM
Well at least you won't need get new parts for another 100,000 miles...