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01-11-11, 02:06 PM
So I was brushing a lot of snow and ice off my car, and I jumped in the car and started rolling. Thinking I had gotten most off, I turned on the wipers and I heard a lot of "clicking". One wiper worked fine, but the passenger side wiper wouldnt move (guessing this is where the clicking was coming from, seemed as though it had to much weight on it still :-()....Anywho, I tried to rock it a little and the whole arm came off the little peg that turns the wiper. I would guess the peg or the arm rivets or whatever have stripped? Any fixes? I know you can snatch the arm from some other car...but you think the peg would need replacing? Or can it be replaced? I still have the drivers wiper at least...


01-11-11, 02:20 PM
the clicking was the stripping of that peg and/or the arm's hole for the peg... you probably can't get just the peg (whole wiper transmission will come with it) but you may only need an arm... sometimes the nut that holds on top of the arm is what keeps the arm moving with the peg as it turns...

i bet the wiper was frozen to the windshield ... either way i would try just an arm first if it was me... but let's see what others have to say first

01-11-11, 03:44 PM
looking at the peg you should be able to tell if it's stripped or not (unless it stripped inside the transmission...)

01-11-11, 09:46 PM
had the same issues on my 80coupe and I replaced with a new/used set of wiper arms off eBay and that didn't help. So I went to my local JY and found another 80coupe :-( and took the wiper transmission and removed and replaced mine and presto.
You can see if the splines on the peg if they are stripped and also on the wiper arm too, if they are then you need to replace both the wiper arm and the whole linkage....

01-13-11, 10:04 AM
Thanks for the responses guys, I will try to take a look at it probably on Saturday. All I know for now is that i did feel some shavings from inside the wiper arm when I took it off the peg. Guess its hard for me to tell what "stripped" feels like, because both still have the ridges there, but I am guessing one or both doesnt have enough? I will pull out my magnifying glass though and try to see whats going on...maybe some pics will help. This is on the Brougham btw...