: URGENT: Cadillac Catera GM support...

luis valadez
01-10-11, 07:57 PM
Hello, i live in Mexico City, and I have a Cadillac Catera'99. A vallet-parking lost my duplicate ignition key. I went to my closest Cadillac dealer, and for my surprise, the employee tells me that GM Worldwide have decided don't support any Cadillac before 2000 model. Perhaps they can help me to get the key, but I can't program any more. As result, the transponder will never serve again. Can you believe that? We are owners of one of the most important brands that GM sell, and they decided that we are now a second or third class customers. That means -for example- that when we need to change the computer (ECM) of our Catera cars, Cadillac donīt provide us the programming of it... Is only a matter of time: our cars will be a piece of trash very soon. If we join as one, think you we can press GM Worldwide to take us seriously, and obtain that we can have technic and technological support?

01-14-11, 12:20 AM
That would be a piece of bullcrap if my local dealer told me that. I had a transponder programmed a couple years ago at a Cadillac dealership, but now it is closed, since it was joined with Pontiac. Now my local Chevy dealer is also Caddy dealer. Haven't had problems with them yet, but we'll see I guess.

01-14-11, 07:22 PM
I recently had my 00 catera programed at a cheny dealer in Rochester ny.