: 2004 V Thermostat - does it require the integrated housing?

01-10-11, 12:28 PM
I have an early 2004, and I recently started running cold and getting the CEL related to the car taking too long to come up to temperature. I'm pretty sure my thermostat is basically stuck open and so I went to a local parts store to get a replacement. I watched him look it up on the screen, and it definitely showed my 2004 V, but the thermostat I got was a regular thermostat (no housing). Then I went on here to do some searches and see if there were any "helpful hints" people had from doing the thermostat replacement, and I started to see mention of the early LS6 cars needing a thermostat that was integrated into the housing.
What's the deal?
Was there some sort of cutoff date where GM went from an integrated housing setup to a regular thermostat setup or is it one of those deals where people just started putting regular thermostats into that special housing and figured out that it worked fine?

01-10-11, 01:31 PM
On my LS6 the thermostat simply sits behind its own housing bolted to the water pump. I checked Rock Auto for a 2004 CTS-V and they list a thermostat, a thermostat housing, and a thermostat gasket which suggests the same setup as my 2005.

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