: need a new radiator for my 75, are they interchangeable?

Mason H
01-09-11, 06:58 PM
As the topic says, i need to get a new radiator for my '75 Coupe Deville. At school we have a good radiator from a 73(?) lincoln. It had a 460, which is close to my 500cid. My Auto Tech teacher said i could take it as its not being used. It looks to be the same but i need to know if it is interchangeable? as i am a high school kid with only a part time job so a new radiator would be a little hard to do.

Any tips greatly appreciated

01-09-11, 07:11 PM
Measure everything. Length/width/height, core thickness, hose connections/locations, trans cooler connections. The rad doesn't know it's for a Ford. However, it will be much happier in a Cadillac ;)