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01-09-11, 02:30 AM
Luckily I like my projects... My last was an 85 Mercedes 300D my wife wanted. The Benzworld forums helped out a lot!!!

So, when this Catera was given to me if I wanted to fix it, of course I found my way here...

This car when I looked at it had a water leak (heater valve) and all of the wiring around the batt, inside the relay box and going into the cab all melted together, bare wires showing...but still started and ran. I figure what the hell I'll give it a shot, nothin to loose, inlaws even delivered to my house.

I did a bit of research here n there and jumped right in. Went to the yard first where they had two, one with no motor and I could get in and tear out the whole outside part of the wiring without too much crap in the way, cut em all of as far as I could pull through the fire wall. Ran out of time to try and figure out how to get at that mess under the dash!

Worked out I had what I needed, had to of course pull out the whole dash and everything on the front of the car to rewire, cut, n splice over the last month here n there. Got most all the way back together today and ready to test out my wiring job.

I had a little issue with the ignition module at the steering column. You know how each and every connector has it's own trick ("FUN") to figure out??? Well I yanked this one apart in the wrong spot, springs n things fallin out everywhere...I finally get it back together right and putting it back onto the column I broke the metal stem from the key cylinder!!! :mad2:

After a haulin butt to the yard to see if theres one with a key and callin every open auto zoo around with no luck I picked up some JB weld...???

We'll see how that goes and get back to it tomorrow...

01-09-11, 02:54 PM
Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your project. Give us a ring when problems occur ;)

01-09-11, 05:36 PM
www.car-parts.com is a good resourse to find some parts or local yards