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01-08-11, 04:26 PM
Hi, sorry if this seems a li crazy i am considering to convert my 1970 deville convertible into rack and pinion. I camt find any kits, but would anyone know a venfor which sells this? Or woulf a nova or camaro, chevelle, or corvette dimension be anywhere close since i can find these or a 55-57 chevy? These are the only gm ones i have found, thank you so much!!

01-08-11, 04:30 PM
Can you weld?

01-08-11, 04:53 PM
No i cant, but if it isnt too much welding would one of those work? Thanks

01-08-11, 05:11 PM
I would think you could make something work. Find a kit thats designed for a car with a similar frame/steering setup and you could probably get it to work. Maybe something for the old impalas or something.

01-08-11, 05:20 PM
Ok thank you, are the impala suspensions similar to devilles? And does anyone know if the list of cars i mentioned, which of them are the closest? And do you think its a drastic difference in handling between a rack and pinion vs an agr highest ratio power steering box?

01-08-11, 05:49 PM
And i actually foubd a 58-64 impalla kit, do you think that would work best?


01-08-11, 06:56 PM
Why in heavens name would you want to do that?

01-08-11, 07:06 PM
Please forget this idea. You need far more experience building (NOT repairing, BUILDING) cars before you should even consider this idea.
And, after that experience is obtained, you will then know why it will make your Cadillac handle horribly, and likely unable to turn within a football field.
No, the '58 Chevy conversion is nowhere close to the Cadillac in either wheelbase, width, or weight.
No, there are NO R&P units with the necessary width and strength for your car.

And, really: WHY???


P.S. It is not commonly known, but; Prior to 1971, GM allowed each division to design their own front and rear suspension. This is why a Chevy conversion will never work, as there are:
A: no Chevy 'C' bodied cars to begin with, and:
B: Chevy had a different front suspension as it was.

01-08-11, 07:51 PM
alright thank you very much, the engine will have about 650 hp, thats why i was wondering if it was worth it. But i already purchased a performance agr power steering box and didnt know if it wad worth spending the extra money.

01-08-11, 08:20 PM
What ratio box did you get? I was thinking about getting a box also.

01-08-11, 08:30 PM
http://www.summitracing.com/parts/AGR-292117/ here is the link

01-10-11, 04:24 PM
Just out of curiosity, if it were possible would the rack and pinion handle better than a performance power steering box? Or does the design have something which would not make tgis work well? And is it just the way the components were designed that create this to become a ton more work than a normal conversion? (ex. Changing the rear axle into a 12 bolt due to cadullac configuration making it a complete makeover)