View Full Version : Pic: 5000 miles, tranny shot, tires bald

01-08-11, 11:02 AM
I had my V1 in this week for a warranty fix, and this V2 coupe was in the shop. I asked what the deal was. A new car with only 5000 miles, and the owner has worn the rear tires bald and blown the transmission. No warranty coverage for him, apparently! I know this is the V1 forum, but I had to show you guys. I'm afraid I don't have enough disposable income to either a) buy a V2, or b) afford to work it over like that. I thought I should share the story!

01-08-11, 11:30 AM
The original owner of my car said we wore through his first set of run-flats in 4000 miles. The blown tranny is a little surprising, though!!

01-08-11, 11:32 AM
Wow I wish I had the money to do that with

01-08-11, 12:24 PM
So more then likely, another guy with more money then driving skills...