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01-07-11, 09:36 AM
Bought a BLS from TRURO diesels a year ago. Major problems with first 1000 miles. The ignition malfunction warning light came on. The car would not start on two occaisions so had rto be recovered to SAAB Reading. After three attempts the problem resolved. Since then driven like a dream. Did use the Cadillac recovery twice and they were good once we got hold of them. Oh my warrnaty card was sent to Swededn and got returned via the post.

With thefirst service due to cost have decided to take to a SAAB dealer at East Grinstead. Are there any gotcha to be aware of. Servicing a cadillac at a SAAB dealer.

Any other tips appreciated. Any BLS owners in the South East ? I saw one in Rainham Essex about 6 months ago. Apart from that I have not seen another one.

Mine is the 2 litre petrol Wagin in black.

01-07-11, 01:46 PM
had mine serviced at the local SAAB dealer but at first they said they couldnt as they didnt do American cars.

No probs when they did it, they miss quoted so i got it very cheap :-)

01-14-11, 10:54 AM
Just had first service for 180TT diesel auto estate.Service indicator came up at 9000 miles(12 months).250 at Evans Halshaw Wavendon Milton Keynes.Forgot to ask about setting auto locking when moving.

cadillac londoner
01-17-11, 07:28 AM
Hi I am in he south east as you can see. Please read my posts on first service at Saab City, London and my 30,000 mile report.

Only drawback with Saab dealers are that they can not do any software updates and will not do any work under a warrranty as they as a Saab dealer cannot claim it from Cadillac.

I recently had a fuse go that stopped my windscreen washer from working, Saab City replaced it, but would not do it under warranty.

On a general point to everybody who may have purchased their car through a non Cadillac franchised dealer, e.g. Truro Diesels, Motorpoint, Motorprovider, Carquake, Pentagon etc. I had a grinding noise when I was going over speed bumps etc. This was isolated by Saab City as being caused by plastic blockers that are fitted when delivering new cars to stop movement on trailers. These were not removed on the PDI. Maybe you should all have these checked if you bought from a non Cadillac dealer, as these car brokers are probably not fully conversant with this.

01-17-11, 03:31 PM
Interesting reading about the price of the service at Milton Keynes by Mazuk- 250? 95 cheaper than my first service with BM in Manchester, so I wonder just what I got for the extra 95? I did get the auto lock on move off though! Concerning the warranty card, I sent it off to the Netherlands address in the service log and I never did receive anything back. I even telephoned Sweden and was told not to worry, the car was registered on their system against my name and any warranty work would be done if necessary.

I'm afraid I've committed myself completely during the warranty period in getting any servicing work done at a fully Cadillac franchised dealer and to be fair, when my Caddy had its problem a few months back, I didn't have much choice other than to send it to BM on the back of an AA wagon. Plus, I did get the car back within 36 hours completely fixed and I know that couldn't have happened at any non franchised dealer with the problem it had. I've just looked again at the Cadillac Europe website and it appears that we do only have six Cadillac authorised service centres to choose from. I may well then consider going straight down the M1 from my place if EH at Wavendon can do it cheaper than elsewhere and I suppose, as long as EH are listed on the Cadillace website, it might be worth travelling the extra 30 miles further, and in any case, a much more direct route for me. I did phone my local SAAB dealer and he just didn't want to know, plus as we are all aware, what's the point of taking the car somewhere if they don't have the Tech equipment to service it properly? The funniest thing though, I received a letter reminding me of my first service just before Christmas, from the partner dealer of Truro Diesels (where I bought the car), in Exeter. As if I'm going to do another 600 mile round trip! They really should look at the address they're sending the letter to and use a bit of common sense!

As for the plastic blockers, I've had no grinding noises and in any case, I would hope that BM would have found them when it was up on the ramps had they been there!

01-17-11, 06:20 PM
Juat had the first, intermediate service on my 150TiD Auto Wagon today - 11,500 miles in 12 months. Total cost was 380. I expected the price to be at the top end as I used Whitequays Saab in Reading who are one of the few approved Cadillac service agents. They say they updated the s/w on their Tech equipment first and then searched for any s/w updates but there were none. However, they did, at my request (I showed them the bit in the service manual) enable the autolocking and unlocking. The car now locks when I drive off, and automatically unlocks when I stop, switch off and remove the key. A small improvement, but one which is important to me now that I am used to it on the other cars I have driven.

They didn't find any problems, gave me a detailed breakdown of the cost, %wear of brakes, tyres, etc and gave it a basic wash/vacuum.

I still love the car one year on but am tempted to look at whether the engine remap specialists can do anything about the turbo lag or hesitation when starting to accelerate. It would also be nice if there were some Sat Nav map updates on DVD.

01-18-11, 08:27 AM
is the locking - unlocking a thing that can be configured outside the garage network.

Is there a software tool that could be used via laptop ? like the VW's have VAG Com

01-18-11, 02:49 PM
I'm fairly certain that the lock/unlock function can only be enabled by a Cadillac dealer with Tech2 equipment. As far as I am aware, a SAAB dealer can't do it.
I read the manual cover to cover and that particular function is not legal in some countries, that is why it isn't factory enabled in the first instance, hence you have to ask for it to be done on the first service. When my software was updated, BM told me there had been a 'few' updates. Of course I will never know what they were, so I cannot comment further. I heard a rumour that the lock/unlock function was not available on the first batch of BLS to hit the roads, but again, only a Cadillac dealer will be able to clear that one up.

As for the idea of remapping, imho, I would leave it well alone. If you are out of warranty, then it's up to you, but for the sake of a few extra BHP, you have no idea what it will do to the engine management unit despite claims by those that fit them that no harm can be done, it will undoubtedly affect your insurance. If you don't plan on telling your insurance company and you have an accident, as a friend of mine found out, it can be pretty devastating being told you won't get a pay out because the investigation revealed things had been mucked about with. As for Turbo lag, I've personally never noticed it, never had an embarrassing moment taking off. My BLS tears away quicker than my 2002, 2.0 Neon 150bhp ever did and my wife's 2003, 1.8 sport MX5 can't keep up with it away from the lights either. 10 months on from purchase and I'm really appreciating the 47 to 58 mpg!

02-16-11, 03:13 AM

just had mine (BLS Wagon, 2.0T Flexfuel) for service after 12.000 km or nearly 12 months after we bought the car.

In this time everything was ok, so just normal oilchange

200 Pounds or 230 where on the invoice. The autolock was also done but as a service from the dealer :yup:


02-16-11, 05:12 AM
Has anybody noticed Milton Keynes is no longer on the approved service sites on Cadillac.com?

02-19-11, 03:05 PM
Yup you got it my friend, we are now officially down to only five UK authorised dealers/service centres. Not much good if you live well north of Manchester or in the South West. Living exactly 60 miles from either Birmingham or Manchester, I consider myself lucky.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if we lost a couple more this year. Oh well, two years left to go on the warranty!

08-16-12, 03:39 PM
Well I should say in my case now - Third service!

Had the BLS serviced today at Stratstone PDI Centre, Wavendon, Milton Keynes for the second time (first service was done in Manchester in 2010). I'd convinced myself that I wouldn't make the 185 mile round trip again, but I couldn't help myself but contact them a few weeks ago to get a quote. The more local Saab indy that I had used for my brake fluid change earlier on in the year, was quoting me around the 300 mark for a full service whereas Stratstone PDI MK, were quoting me considerably less.

Well I'm really glad I made the trip! An hour and a half each way really wasn't that bad, 98 percent of the journey for me is via motorway. I estimate it only cost me about 25 quid in diesel for the return trip. The team at Wavendon were, just as last year, absolutely fantastic. I spoke to the technician personally who serviced my car. All checked out ok on Tech 2, no updates required (they were all updated in 2010) and no historic trouble codes showing up. I've been informed that Saab Tech 2 doesn't diagnose faults on the BLS, because of the software differences between Cadillac and Saab, even if the engine is the same in the case of the diesel. Another good case for me taking the time out to visit an authorised service centre. Despite 'block exemption rules', I suspect that the vast majority of garages won't have Cadillac Tech 2 or the expensive subscriptions that go with it, so whilst it might have been handy to use a more local garage, they wouldn't really know if something untoward is going on in the EMCU. Anyway, the car got a good run down there and back!

Service cost just 200 in the end and took just over two hours. I had the chance to just chill out in their waiting area, read the paper and sup the coffee! I must stress, my car only covers about 7000 miles per year average. I've only just hit 22,000 miles from new. Therefore, car hasn't required the sort of major servicing that average mileage motors need which these days, is almost double what I do per year. To be fair, I didn't require a new fuel filter because it was done last year and I didn't need the brake fluid changing because it had already been done. Engine is superbly clean. Even after my 90 mile trip back home, checked the dipstick half hour after arriving and the oil really is almost spotless.

Anyway I can't recommend Stratstone at Wavendon highly enough. Their level of customer care, certainly in my own case now on two occasions, has been absolutely faultless. Even though my Caddy's warranty finally expires at the end of this year, I guess I already know where I'll be heading next year!

08-16-12, 06:49 PM
I also paid 200 for a service(24months) at Wavendon and I will attend again in January.The guys there are enthusiasts and offer great service.Next time you might consider going to a local garden centre for breakfast whilst waiting.(turn left as you exit.Turn right when you reach the main road(near railway station) then keep walking till you reach garden centre on left)I was lucky enough to get a lift from a garage employee who was going in the direction of the garden centre).Coincidently I did a 185 mile trip the other day chauffering family to Stanstead and managed to achieve 47 mpg(5 occupants)in my 180 diesel.