: Attaching bumper trim

01-06-11, 06:54 PM
hi folks:

So, I just got the little L-shaped rubber chrome & black trim piece that goes on the front bumper of my 1987 Brougham (my passenger side on was missing)

- looks kinda like this only with the chrome strip in the middle:
http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/details/QQCadillacQQFleetwoodQQReplacementQQBumper_TrimQQ1 9931996QQ5599.html?apwcid=P1135867996W43b3f85c7ab9 e&gan=1&apwidzvte3Sk

Anyway, I just snapped it right on & it seems to be holding fine - the little pegs on the front have some sort of fastener things that hold it tight once it's in.

However, I noticed that the 2 pegs on the part that wraps around the side don't have those little fasteners. Looking at the driver's side one, it looks to me like there's a very small line of some type of adhesive just where those 2 pegs are, so I'm assuming my trim piece isn't missing some kind of fasteners, but that using some kind of product is normal when attaching these trim pieces?

Can anyone confirm that? I'm just kinda guessing here. And if so: what does one use for an adhesive?

thanks a bunch guys -

01-07-11, 10:21 PM
Well, I figured it out after all. Turns out you have to attach some nuts to the side bolts from the inside, which is sort of awkward because it's impossible to get your hand up there AND see what you're doing. Although probably seasoned mechanics are better at "blind tightening" than I am...:)