View Full Version : Exhaust rattle.... any ideas?

01-06-11, 05:21 PM
It's a Corsa and I could swear the sound is coming from somewhere in the middle. It only does it when the car is warmed up. When I first start 'er up it sounds fine. I just got back from the shop and we tightened up a loose band clamp but obviously that wasn't it. I had a Monster Stg II installed a couple months ago with an 18# flywheel if that makes any difference... shouldn't though. This is, what seems to be, a small problem - so when it turns out its not, its a big pain in the rear end.


01-06-11, 06:51 PM
Every single time I mess with my Corsa, I have to loosen it up front to back, jack it up against the bottom of the car, tighten everything up again, then let the jack down. Otherwise, the exhaust will sit on that little crossbar and cause vibration to be heard in the cabin. Sounds like a set of nosehair clippers left on the countertop. VERY annoying.

Saying that, it could be an internal baffle (sheet metal) that's come loose. How does the clearance look between that crossbar and your exhaust?

01-06-11, 06:53 PM
Hmmm. I didn't check the crossbar but the sound doesn't sound like a rattle against something - more like marbles in a can or a heatshield from hell.

01-06-11, 07:36 PM
Geez, the only way I can think of to check for a loose piece of metal in one of the mufflers would be to take one off and shake it. Kind of a PITA.

01-06-11, 07:37 PM
Those are the electrical gremlins that usually live in the radio. They are playing tricks on you banging on the exhaust with tiny hammers.

Seriously, if it's when the car is heated up then some metal is probably expanding somewhere. Maybe internal as rand49er said.

01-06-11, 09:22 PM
could it be a loose chunk in the catalytic converter?

01-06-11, 10:35 PM
That was my thought... .loose chunk or something got loose and is rattling around in resonator/pipes/muffler

01-07-11, 10:41 AM
I too was thinking possibly the cat coming apart. More than likely I'll have to start replacing crap - I guess I'll start with the resonators and go from there. Although, if it IS the cats - I spose some catless headers may be in my near future.

01-07-11, 11:27 AM
I know its a long shot, but my exhaust rattles against the rear sway bar at certain rpms.

I would think you could get under there and pinpoint that sound a little better...

01-23-11, 10:51 PM
That's a catalytic converter issue I betcha... we had a VERY similiar issue with our (don't laugh) daughters VW bug... her cousin ran it up to like 105 MPH and damanged it... for the bug it was not cheap. But it was the fix.

02-19-11, 09:14 PM
My rattles are finally fixed!!! It turns out that it was the mid-pipe. Corsa got me taken care of w/ no $$ out of my pocket.

02-19-11, 09:32 PM
Ok I'll bite. What moving parts in a mid-pipe cause a rattle?