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01-06-11, 04:58 PM
My 2001 Catera Timing Belt Tensioner failed which resulted in bent valves. I removed the heads and replaced the valves lapping them in (old school) I then reassembled the engine with new head gasket, new heat bolts, new cam bolts, new water pump, new timing belt and tensioners, all new gaskets and seal. I did an oil change and coolant change. The final step was to start the engine which it did and run fine with the exception of the lifters noise. I assume noise was due to the hydraulic lifters needing time to build up oil unfortunately not the case after approx 10min of the engine stop with a ‘KLUNK!” after further investigation I have seized the intake Cam on the driver’s side destroying the head. My question is what did i done wrong to cause this issue can the head gasket be miss assembled blocking an oil gallery or do I have something else wrong with the engine?

01-09-11, 01:15 AM
No idea. I have done head gasket jobs on both of my Cateras and haven't had an issue. Did you overtighten the cam bearing bolts and stripped them? Now I am sure you lubricated everything before assembly...

01-10-11, 05:27 PM
I removed both the Heads and can now confirm I did in fact have the Gaskets on upside down Thanks for the feed back

01-12-11, 09:59 PM
the lifters in that head are hydraulic, you need to bleed the ones on the exhaust side, because the exhaust cams are removed to get to the outside head bolts. the lifters spring open when you remove the cam and if you dont bleed the oil out, it will cause the valves to stay open. a c-clamp will do the job, bleed them about 5-6 times until you can move the lifter inside with your finger.