: Sold the V!

01-05-11, 12:28 AM
I traded my 2005 CTS-V in on a 2011 Ford Escape XLT the day before Christmas. Yes, it was my Christmas present.

I ended up having the V for 3 years and about 25,000 miles of driving and it will always be my dream car. I will never forget spending the day at an all day racing school with my son. Him and I both got it up past 120mph that day. Very fun. The V was a head turner for sure and I had many total strangers come up and start talking about the V like at gas stations and parking lots.

I feel lucky to have never gotten a ticket with the V, not sure how that happened as several times I should have been busted - lol.

This is going to be a bad winter in the Seattle area and the year before I lost many days of work because I couldn't get the V out of the garage because of the snow and ice. This year I couldn't afford to have that happen again so I got an SUV with 4-wheel drive.

I couldn't believe all the neat gadgets it came with like Sync that allows me to connect my iPhone by bluetooth to the car. Can have phone conversations through the speakers like the V could with onstar and also it plays music off the iPhone wirelessly. You can talk to the car and it talks back - lol - a real trip. You tell it where you want to go and it tells you how to get there.

Anyway, now I have a "practical" vehicle that drives in any weather, hauls stuff, including trailers, has more room, gets better gas mileage, that kind of stuff - lol. I did get the big 6 cylinder engine in the Escape though, couldn't go cold turkey on power after having the V. I will miss all that torque for sure.

So long.

01-05-11, 07:01 AM
Post up some pics.