View Full Version : Does anyone know how the steering wheel position sensor works?

01-04-11, 09:04 PM
Is it like the steering coil that has a tape measure effect that retracts and ejects as the steering is moved left and right? Or otherwise? I'm asking b/c I want to know if it could be damaged by turning the steering wheel too many locks in either direction. Or is it a sensor that has infinite number of rotations and works more like a volume knob on the radio?

01-05-11, 12:10 AM
No the sensor won't be damaged no matter how many times you turn the steering wheel what IS damaged is the clock spring thing that provides power to your steering wheel buttons and lights. That can't be turned more than what 1.5 turns either way.

01-05-11, 04:19 AM
and air bag, and what a pain in the ass that is. Long story....

My "friend" didnt bolt intermediate shaft back on properly and it came undone after a short trip down the highway at 160km/h. I was lucky. It came off after i dropped the car off to have the exhaust welded. They turned the wheel one turn too much.

My buttons dont work, my horn does work, my airbag light is on, and the steering position sensor is out 360*. Stabilitrack doesnt work properly. Air bag light is on and "service air bag" on the dash and you CANT get the message off. Cant use the info button to scroll through other stuff at all, the air bag message is forced on.

Dont mess it up !!! :)

01-05-11, 07:37 AM
Too late. Mine is already messed up. Im not sure if the steering sensor is on straight or not though. I'm not sure that I got the steering set back In the original position. I do know I'm gonna have to take the steering wheel off tho andreplacesteering coil. My buttons also don't work and my airbag light is on as well. I'm guessing I need to take my car to someone with a tech 2 scanner to "relearn" the steering position sensor possible?

01-05-11, 12:24 PM
my conclusion was to just replace the column. Im not sure if you can repair the radio/heater/air bag wires. I think the steering sensor can be programmed in car without a tech2? Thought i read that before.... something like the TPS relearn.

01-05-11, 01:11 PM
Hmmmmm. But the airbag thing can be repaired for about 200 dollar part. Lol. I broke my steering coil. Ugh. Tho It may be cheaper to pull a complete steering column from another car. Lol

johnny kannapo
01-18-11, 03:59 PM
The speed sensative steering would be controlled by the TC and with given data would regulate oil flow to the rack relative to speed & yaw by a motor driven valve.

I am not too familiar with the Magnasteer option if are equipped with that RPO. I think a magnet around the column puts a magnetic drag on the wheel to prevent over correcting at higher speeds smoothing out abrupt defensive maneuvers.

01-19-11, 12:13 PM
interesting finds ive had this last couple weeks with the snow and ice: I thought my "stabilitrack" would never work, due to steering position sensor being out 360*. Ive had it kick in many times though. This car has a habbit of swinging the rear end out mostly on left turns. (my front tires have more tread than my rears). And, well, it works. I can hear the brakes click at different wheels. Whether or not it works RIGHT i dont know. I do know if i do over 70-km/h it says service stability, something that kicks in at that speed?