: Introduction and idea tossing

01-04-11, 07:06 PM
Hello my name is Josh. I have owned my first Cadi for about a year now and I can honestly say that from the first moment I slid inside her I was HOOKED! From that moment I vowed to never own anything but a Cadillac. I purchased my 1998 Cadillac De ville January of 2010 Immediately becoming comfortable and at ease at the controls with the first turn of the key. Now anyone who knows me also knows I can't own any car without putting my own touches to it, this was not the case with my precious "Natti the cadi"........AT FIRST.About six months later I made the first of my usual modifications, give her a nice purrr. I did this by chopping off the stock dual mufflers and replacing them with a set of cherry bombs......Oh if only you could hear her!!! Once she was purring like a kitten I had to give her what every woman wants....A nice pair of shoes! So on went the 22 inch Lexani rims and low profiles.After driving her around for about 4 months on the Lexanis I took em off.....Ride quality went to the crapper, so needless to say they are not going back on. Then I mounted an auto-meter vac. pressure gauge and Air fuel mixture gauge fiber-glassed into the drivers windshield pillar. It looks totally factory. Now I'm looking at planning for my next project(s)... I want to swap out the North-star that I found out is shit in the 97 and 98 cadillacs and put in a Cadillac 500 and 5 speed tranny converting it to rear wheel drive. replace front bench seat with racing buckets and custom building a center console. any tips, pointers, ideas, or encouragements?

01-07-11, 11:37 AM
Insanity. If you pull it off, you'd be epic, but why go with a 500 when there are LS motors that are better these days? I suppose if keeping it all Cadillac is paramount, then sure, but I don't know. Sounds too far fetched to me, but hey - without thoughts like this imagine how boring cars would be. Bleh.

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01-08-11, 11:21 AM
I was originally thinking about a LS motor but then decided to keep it as much Cadillac as possible. I mean it'll be either a twin turbo charges 500 or a supercharged 500 either way. I'm thinking either going with an old school munci 4 speed or possibly a 6 speed out of a newer corvette. mate all that with 4:11 gears in a quick change rear end with posi-trac and i think she'll be unstoppable!!

cadillac kevin
01-08-11, 02:12 PM
but to do that, you'd need one hell of a bank account. youd have to make or alter a frame for the car to sit on, modify the car to accept said frame so it wouldnt look like a 4x4 caddy, make the frame super rigid to handle the 1000+ hp and 900-1300 ft/lbs of torque the motor would put out, make a bulletproof transmission capable of handling that kind of power (turbo 400 MAYBE?), and extend the front end of the car just so the 500 ci supercharged (or twin turbo) motor would fit. that motors going to fill the engine bay and then some, and you probably wont have much ground clearance unless you want a massive hood bulge.
is it possible? yes. although you'd end up with something resembling the presidential limo in sedan trim (which is a cadillac sts?/ escalade hybrid sitting on a GMC 2500 HD frame.) not exactly the makings of a great performance oriented, great handling road car.
personally, I think it would be the most awesome cadillac built, but unless you're a millionaire, its just not plausible.

04-12-11, 08:15 PM
Sounds like youre keen ...lol...I used to be into mods along time back...have since saved a fortune by staying stock std...cheaper insurance as well.....still whats life without vision....good luck with the plasma cutter...lol