: Right bank not getting oil on 2000 Cat

01-03-11, 11:03 PM
Hello again I've been working on this car off and on for several months now. First thing was a little ticking like a lifter noise but this car has no lifters , turned out it was a bad front exhaust cam bearing that froze up causing timing belt to slip. I bought a used head off a 98 Cat from someone off this fourm , cleaned it up a little . The oil galleys are open and clean the passage from block to head matches up but no oil is finding it's way to this head . Something tells me I might have found the reason for the bearing failure because it sounded like it wasn't getting oil at that point , like I said it started as a little ticking noise. The right head is back off again , at least it's the right head, I had bent valves on the left head and it sucked pulling that head off. The hole in the block where the oil comes out and goes into the head doesn't seem to drain when I fill it with oil . Any suggestions anyone??? I'm thinking of pulling the oil pump , but not wanting to Thanks raffterman.

01-04-11, 03:48 PM
I left some information out sorry about that , it does carry good oil pressure 60 to 40 psi . I stuck a wire down into the passage on the block and it went down about 8 inches and seems to be going in the direction of the oil filter. I wonder if there is a check valve or something that is stuck? So i'm going back under the car to pull the oil filter off to have a look wish me luck .

01-04-11, 05:01 PM
Im not too familiar with the oil passages but if the original head wasnt getting oil then the casting may be bad somewhere and not enough oil will make it towards the one side... you may have to try and chace that out. Also from shavings a gallery may have been plugged too... I guess try blowing carb cleaner or degreaser and compressed air through those oil galleries...

01-07-11, 12:41 AM
Ok thanks I'll try that. I'll take the oil filter housing off before I do that