: Charging problem

01-03-11, 06:06 PM
I can't get the battery to charges. New alternator (changed 3 times to make sure) new battery ( also had it checked) and new starter. 300 dollars later and still getting a low voltage. replaced wire going from battery to alternator, no fix. Anyone got a clue as to what I can do and what else I need to check?
This is an 85 2 Dr. Fleetwood/Brougham with the 4100
Thanks, Dave

01-03-11, 07:57 PM
dodgy cable negative to earth?

01-03-11, 09:13 PM
dodgy cable negative to earth?

I had a problem simular to this in another car, it turned out to be a fuse.

01-03-11, 09:52 PM

In non-American countries, the ground in an electrical circuit is called Earth. That's why many foreign cars (especially Toyota) use brown wires for the negative, as opposed to the black wires we are familiar with.

01-04-11, 12:12 AM
When my alt would not charge my battery, it was because the low charge light in the dash was out. It completes the circuit. So turn the car to "on" don't start, and does the low volt light comes on?