View Full Version : Hi! Sorry about finding this section so late.

01-03-11, 02:23 AM
...I was searching nav disk threads and came across Introductions..

I'm a new 07 CTS-V driver... the finance company is the owner :-D

I've had my nose buried in the 04-07 V section, I have no prior experience
with Cadillacs, or LS2's or chevy motors in general. Or anything GM...

cuz I'm a three-time Ford owner. But that problem's been fixed now.

"D3l7a3ch0" is my "i'm special" way of writing "Delta Echo"... I was an Air
Traffic Controller in a past life, and those were my operating initials.

I've also been a mechanic, I was ASE certified in... oh I don't remember
anymore, it was like engine repair and brakes and steering/suspension I think.
it was back in 2002. I worked for United Rentals as a field mechanic (a dream
job I was hired for my military mechanic experience and certs), until I got laid

I'm now in the Army and I am a medic.

I didn't plan for the Cadillac to happen, it just kind of jumped out at me as I
was driving by. It was a Friday and I knew I wanted to spend money on
something, but nothing like this.

All my friends have a history of Chevy cars, they each have an LT-something
in pieces in their garages--so they're as happy for me that I am driving
something with a chevy motor.

Cadillacs are relatively rare, with the CTS-V being more so... and that is why
I was so quick to becoming a supporting member of this forum.

I don't really plan to change anything about the car. It has tint and a nice vanity
plate with my name on it, and that's that. turns a LOT of heads and I love it.

AH, I almost forgot. pretty soon I'm going to be "out of the office" for a year,
and when I come back I'm trading the '07 for an '09 or later.

sorry for the long post, I hope it's ok that I plan to be around for a while so I
wanted to be thorough with my intro.

01-03-11, 03:39 AM
Welcome. Long introductions are perfectly fine and glad to hear you're already a site supporter. Congrats on the new ride. Stay safe while 'out of the office".

01-03-11, 05:30 AM

Hi and welcome to CF! good to have you here...
What is the special thing about 2004-2007 CTS-Vs that made you interested in these years more than 2008+ models?

01-03-11, 06:37 AM
It was really on the spot and spur of the moment. It was poking out of the lineup at the
local used car dealership lol. I've had CTS-V's in driving games on the XBOX so I wanted
to see what it was all about.

and uh, price. I'm thinking if it was a 2008 or later, I wouldn't be able to get financed on
one. I didn't even know there was a newer gen.

I was just running errands one day, frustrated at how little time I have off. I don't make
a lot of money, but I don't get much time to spend it either... so a 07 V is quite doable for me.

some days, the commute from my bed to work is all the free time I've got.