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01-02-11, 08:00 PM

I'm new to the forum, but not to Fleetwoods. I searched on this forum for some climate control help and read the post and saw the pictures 69Hemi put on the forum. Those were really helpful. I have a 94, and the heater is blowing air that is less than hot. It's warm, but that's all. Both lines running to the heater box and back to the water pump are hot when the motor is at operating temperature.

I'm trying to get to the blender door and manually move it back and forth to see if it's opening all the way. I also want to check the vacuum diaphragm for the actuator. Of course I can't get to it with the dash in place. I have a FSM for the '94 Fleetwood, but I received it from a service department that didn't need it anymore. Of course it's missing some sections, most notably, taking the dash apart.

Can anyone give me some advice on removing the dash so I can get to the Blender door and vacuum actuator? I don't see exactly how it sould come out.

Thank you in advance.
1994 Fleetwood Brougham

01-02-11, 10:15 PM
To get to the motor that controls the door can be got to like this.... open the glove box.. on the left side there is a string that goes aroung a pin to a spring type actuator... take the loop off the pin on the side of the glove box..I use a little hook tool.... you can let it go slow, it won't go far.... now go to the lach in the center .. push and move some of that plastic so the glove box door opens all the way down... now on the left side will be the control motor... there is wires going to it and 3 screws holding it in place....you can see the shaft going through the motor.. I'm looking at one now and it has 16163982 on a sticker on it.....you can go from hot to cold on the heater control and watch the motor rotate from one end to the other..

01-03-11, 12:54 AM
I was the poster formally known as 69hemi
Im now the fleetwoodguy
I would still recommend doing the heater core flush
even if both lines are hot
since about 95% of heater problems on these cars are
just that, not to mention it so simple and about ten minutes to do
that being said, I have all and any parts you may need if it turns out not to be the h/c, but Im still betting on that

01-05-11, 01:25 AM
Thanks for the post drmenard...that helped me a lot in seeing what was going on under the dash. Fleetwoodguy, I appreciate your posts, they were really helpful. I flushed the heater core this morning. There was no blockage, but I think there was an air pocket in the core. After I flushed it and added coolant, I started to get more heat out.

Thanks for the posts. I appreciate the help.


01-05-11, 01:28 AM
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