: fuel mileage??

01-02-11, 01:01 AM
What are you guys getting for fuel mileage on the 04 LS6 cars? City and Hwy

01-02-11, 08:02 AM
There are a bunch of threads about MPG. A couple are recent, so you can see for yourself.
In short, they're all the same. "I get18mpg", "I get 13"."I get 21mpg".
It all depends on how you drive, and where you are.

01-02-11, 08:20 AM
Yeah what Tony said. ^^^

01-02-11, 03:17 PM
With my 05, I get 26 mpg at a steady 70mph -- I used to get 25. I have about 38k miles on it now.

01-02-11, 04:54 PM
these threads :nono:, because we all chose this car for gas mileage

01-02-11, 07:41 PM
i averaged 21 mpg California to Texas. Better than my 4.6L '03 Grand Marquis did, and that's more than enough for me.

01-02-11, 08:36 PM
I started a thread about this a little over a week ago. Plenty of answers in it. I get 25 - 26 at 75 and the avg drops to 20- 18 as soon as I hit the city. As with the other thread it seemed pretty apparent that the milage wasn't worth sacrificing the enjoyment we all feel when driving these cars the way they were made to be driven.