: 1970 Brake Calipers

01-01-11, 10:45 PM
Hello, I'm planning to redo the entire brake system on my 1970 DeVille. There's a problem with slow application and release. The car has low miles, but it was stored for 20 years and it received a shoddy line replacement recently. The brakes are all at their wear limits anyway, so I figure rather than screwing around and replacing individual parts and doing brake jobs piecemeal, I'm just going to replace every possible mechanical and hydraulic part, bleed it once, and fix the problem, with all new brakes and front bearings to boot. Problem is now, I've found every other part I need, but I can't seem to find calipers.

Should I try to just reuse my calipers, is there a place to find rebuilds or cores, or should I have mine rebuilt? I'm a little nervous sending my calipers off without another set in-hand or even apparently available anywhere, in case they get lost or damaged and I'm left with an unrepairable brake system, especially since I don't know they're bad. The thought of re-doing the entire system but not replacing the calipers seems a little silly too. Any ideas?

01-02-11, 08:22 AM
Stop going to AutoZone and buy the calipers from NAPA, part numbers CAL SE4600 and CAL SE4601.