: Well, yard engine and tranny installed and took it on a test drive for a hundred mile

01-01-11, 04:38 AM
Took the car out for a hundred mile shakedown and a block from home at the end the DIC said transmission overheated idle engine. The trans was filled with new Dexron VI. I had put in 10 quarts of tranny fluid when I cleaned the filters and pans then added and additional 4 quarts with the car sitting on jackstands after idling for about 30 minutes, but did not shift it into gear on the stands. The coolant was low and the trans fluid was up to within 1/2 inch of the top after the warning message. Also, I siphoned off a couple of quarts into an old antifreeze jug while the car was idling to get it back into the normal range and I noticed that the fluid was the color of unfiltered red grape juice, it wasn't clear but rather murky looking. I had to really tighten the lower trans cooler fitting at the radiator to stop a leak. Since the coolant was low and the trans fluid was too high I am wondering if the trans fluid may be contaminated with coolant. Any way to tell? Since this was a complete engine and trans swap it is hard to know if the coolant loss is even real (maybe air in system) or if it was lost when driving. The car never overheated and drove well . No PCM codes except 0741 after the overheated trans message. Also I noticed a sound like a pump spinning down after I turned off the ignition that I have never noticed before, Seemed to be comimg from the englne compartment and only lasted a few seconds.

01-01-11, 04:13 PM
0741 if your torque converter clutch, i suppose if its slipping bad its could create undo friction and thus an over heat...

i never herd of it on N* but id start there

01-01-11, 09:27 PM
My guess is that the air in the cooling system had not been completely purged. Last coolant change I did took 3 trips to stabilize it. As for the trans, not positive, but maybe overfilling it caused the fluid to foam. Air does not lubricate and maybe that was the problem. See what it does now that the fluid levels are correct.