: Onstar module location

12-31-10, 11:05 PM
Hi all. I just got a 2011 SRX Base and i want to add factory bluetooth. I need to find the Onstar module to see if its the what model number it is. My 2009 Pontiac didn't come with bluetooth and i was able to purchase a Onstar module oss a silverado and i now have bluetooth. I didn't get it reprogrammed as i didn't want onstar. However i would like to swap this module into the SRX and get it reprogrammed to have bluetooth and onstar, and then buy a bluestar or galaxy for the G8. If someone could tell me where the module is and how to access it i would be greatly thankfull.

01-01-11, 02:00 PM
I too am very interested in doing the exact modification to my 2011 Base. I had hands-free Bluetooth in my 2010 Camaro and I am sorry to not have it in my SRX. In the interim I purchased the BlueAnt S4 and although it hangs on the sunvisor and runs on a rechargable battery, for me it proved the better of most of the add-on Bluetooth items available. I have been watching eBay and have not seen any 2011 SRX OnStar (Bluetooth) modules offered yet. Good luck finding one and if you do, please post your experience and I will do the same.

01-01-11, 02:21 PM
I was able to use the silverado module in my G8. Hoping that other vehicles will work in the SRX, now i just have to find it.

01-08-11, 08:47 AM
yes.. where is it and how do you get access.. pics.. thanks

04-19-13, 12:39 PM
We also have a 2011 base model SRX and really want to be able to have bluetooth for our phones. We found the costar bluestar module that replaces the onstar, it's supposed to provide bluetooth functionality using the onstar buttons in the
SRX, but we don't know where the onstar box is to be able to switch them out?

Does anyone know where exactly it is located. We read somewhere that it is behind the glove box, but no specifics. We're also concerned about voiding the warranty? Does anyone know if the dealer will be able to detect it? We just don't
want to pay for onstar phone minutes when we have smart phones with bluetooth capability.


04-19-13, 02:40 PM
I have the 2011 base model SRX and I changed the original OnStar box to an OnStar box with Bluetooth. It is not easy to access the module.

Open your glove box and remove the tray and the entire glove box liner. If you have ever changed your air-conditioner cabin filter you will be familiar with this procedure. Having removed the glove box liner you will be able to see the black plastic "cage" on the extreme right side, holding the OnStar box. Laying on the floor of the passenger side, remove the trim panel concealing the dash underside. Look up and to the right and you will see wiring plugged into the bottom of the OnStar box and you will see the roof mounted antenna connector. You will also see two nuts fastening the plastic cage to threaded studs. In addition and particularly difficult to see and remove there is one additional bolt that you will need to remove on the side of the OnStar plastic cage and you access this bolt from the glove box opening. With the electric wires and the bolts removed you will spend considerable time maneuvering the plastic cage with the OnStar module out from under the dash. Once you have this assembly out, it will be obvious the OnStar module "snaps" into the plastic cage. Unsnap the "old" module and snap in the "new". Then you are back to the fun of maneuvering the plastic cage and new module back under the dash.

With everything in place, I plugged in the Bluetooth antenna. I did not maneuver the new box with the Bluetooth antenna attached because I am certain it would have been damaged considering all the wiggling necessary to get the module and cage back under the dash. Next, all that remains is snap in the two wiring connectors (different shapes), then reconnect the antenna wire that goes to the roof-mounted antenna.

Next, I turned the ignition "on" and the little Bluetooth symbol appeared on the face of the radio. Just follow the owners manual to pair with your phone and you are set. To voice dial, the command is "Bluetooth" and the voice will say "Bluetooth ready", then say "Voice" and in a few seconds your cellphone will beep. After your cellphone beeps you can say "Call <say the person's name>" and you are set. The steering wheel controls work perfectly.

DOWNSIDE: If you follow the above you will have working factory hands-free Bluetooth but you will NOT have OnStar. I did not pursue OnStar, I don't need it. Your rearview mirror will have the red light indicating the OnStar link is not working.

On many forums, folks have contacted OnStar and given the account number and I would imagine the ID address found on the new box. Supposedly OnStar has restored service.

When I sell my SRX I will install the original OnStar box. As far as the dealer detecting this, I would say Yes and in all likelihood it could become some warranty contingency should the need arise.

My personal feelings? The safety of hands-free calling using my cellphone far outweigh any other factors. I think GM was not being "safety conscious" for not offering hands-free personal cellphone Bluetooth on 2011 base models.

Before doing this modification I purchased a "Blue Ant S4". It worked but it was never as convenient as factory Bluetooth. I did research costar but finally decided to swap the OnStar box.