: 2007 DTS and Heads Up Display? Digital speedometer window?

12-29-10, 09:39 PM
Hey, everyone. Been shopping for a DTS and looked at an '04 DTS last week. This car had a small digital speedometer at the top of the dash. The salesman said it was a heads up display at night, but since it was daytime, I could not see it. I liked the feature if indeed the 04 had it.

I am considering an '07 DTS and am researching the models online. Does the DTS in '07 have the digital speedometer window? Does this model year offer the heads up display? If so, how could I tell when looking for an '07 model online?

Thanks so much for your help. Hope to be joining the DTS crowd soon.
Happy New Year

12-29-10, 10:31 PM
Not sure if any 2000-2005 DTS had a HUD speedometer. The car you were in was probably equipped with the Night vision option.

No 2006+ DTS has a HUD or Night vision. Want a HUD in 2006+ Cadillac buy a STS they have them.

As far as digital speedometer goes the 2006+ DTS has Analog and in the message center on the lower right there is a digital speedometer. The cluster is almost identical to 2005+ STS or 2007+ SRX.