: New member saying hello.

12-29-10, 10:34 PM
Hello.my name is Sid and i actually joined the site about 2 weeks ago but havent introduced myself yet.Im from Virginia and drive a Diamond White 94 Deville Concours.I have owned a couple of Eldorado"s and 5 Fleetwoods during my many years on the road.My Dad has always drove Cadillacs so i got into them at a early age.I was very proud when my oldest daughter got her first car last week,A 96 Eldorado..I would post pics but when I try it says I have to resize my pics,but when I do they look terrible but ill work on that and try to get some pics posted.

12-29-10, 11:30 PM
Hello from Arkansas welcome to the forums. :wave:


12-30-10, 12:00 AM
Glad to have you on board! What part of the Old Dominion are you from? The forums should prove to be a good resource for you and your daughter, and of course we look forward to your contributions to our combined knowledge!

12-30-10, 12:04 AM

12-30-10, 12:10 AM
Thanks.Im in a little town called Richlands,and thanks to a couple of people I was able to fix a couple of problems thanks to their advice on here.Im more of a body man, im not that versed in the electrical side of cars and I know some mechanical but I hope that I can be of help to some on the forum and appreciate the help of others as well..

12-30-10, 12:16 AM
Welcome, Sid!

12-30-10, 12:47 AM
Thanks 77CDV

12-31-10, 03:33 PM
Welcome to the forum, you'll find a great deal of helpful information here.

12-31-10, 04:01 PM
Hello and welcome to the forum....
upload pics to a photo sharing webserver like http://tinypic.com/ and put the links directly here....
There is a little icon of a picture on top of the box you are typing. click it and a window will pop up. Paste the address in the box and then click OK and send the post. By applying this method your picture link will have a thumbnail which is cool!

12-31-10, 05:52 PM
Hi and thanks for the info,i wasnt having any luck uploading before so thanks for the help.ill be able to post picks of my Caddy tonight.

01-01-11, 12:12 AM