: Cadillac Fleetwood 1981 CB Transceiver

12-29-10, 04:54 AM
can somebody write me where does CB Transceiver located on Fleetwood Brougham 1981 please? In manual is written: behind RH of Instrument Panel, but I can't find this place there.. Somebody remove this transceiver and I want to put it back..

Robin Banx
12-31-10, 11:10 PM
Your factory CB transceiver mounts approximately in the centre of the firewall behind the defroster ducts. It is not easy to get at and if it is missing, even harder to find its old mounting place. The transceiver itself is a small steel box measuring 1 1/4" thick X 5"X 4 3/4" and has a small one screw mounting plate attached to it. If you need a picture, let me know.


01-02-11, 11:06 AM
Thank you very much, behind the defroster ducts it's the last place I would say :-). If you can please send me some picture, It would be great! Thanks a lot and happy new year :-)

Robin Banx
01-03-11, 08:56 PM
Hi and Happy New Year to you too. Tomorrow, I will set the radio, all connetion cables, microphone and tranceiver up on the dining room table and snap some pictures for you. Do you in fact have all the necessary parts to restore your radio/CB receiver assembly?? I won't be able to photograph the unit in place in my car as I have removed it in favour of a new JVC stereo setup. Also, does your car still have the original antenna? The antenna for a CB set is quite different from the standard power antenna. Mine was destroyed and I replaced it with a standard antenna which reduced the effective range of the CB. If I wanted to talk to a trucker, I had to be right behind him.
Where are you writing from??


01-04-11, 03:30 AM
Hi Robin, I really appreciate your willingness! I'm writing from Czech Republic (Europe). I have original CB/radio but someone remove the cable going from radio to CB, so I bought 1980 Radio service manual on ebay, but it wants some time to deliver.. then I will make this cable again to connect the CB, because now I don't know where to connect inside the radio (7 cables) and which cable connect to which connector going from CB. My CB Transceiver isn't original, I boght CB on ebay from Caddy 1977 or 78 I think.. I can send a photo. My antenna also isn't original, that's normal antenna for manual erasing.. I have to put there original. I know.. but it's hard to find it... If you can, please make photo of all parts and also connector going from radio to CB. The right place I found as you said behind the defroster ducts. Thank you very very very much!!

01-04-11, 06:36 AM
My CB has part no. 16002810, I found it's REM CB, 79/80 Pont., Olds., Buick. What does it mean REM CB?

Robin Banx
01-04-11, 06:10 PM
At a guess, I would say that REM stands for "Remanufactured". The only number on the head unit is cast in the plastic faceplate. It is 16008376 - 1 and is only for Cadillac with an am/fm stereo cassette option. The transducer itself has a Delco data plate rivetted to it with the serial number GM 2031026 stamped on it. Printed on the plate is the FCC number common to all that type of transducer. The antenna signal splitter shows part number 22010169. I can't get the photos to stick to the reply window. I will try to stick them into my album on this site.


Robin Banx
01-04-11, 06:30 PM
No luck on adding photos to my album. The .jpg files are too big to transfer here. I will try to reduce the size and repost them.

01-05-11, 03:39 AM
So I put two picts. on my Profille to album, serial no. of Radio is the same like you wrote here, but ser. no. of CB Transceiver is other.. so I have to buy the right CB transceiver and splitter first I think.. Thanks a lot for send me ser. numbers, now I know what exactly I need..

01-05-11, 03:41 AM
if you have your photos in computer, you can send me something on email: xotas@seznam.cz But there is max 15MB per mail. Thx

Robin Banx
01-05-11, 04:37 PM
Done. Photos and notes are in your mailbox now.


01-07-11, 04:18 AM
I'm not sure if my email was delivered to you, what's the price of your complet?

Robin Banx
01-10-11, 12:23 AM
I will re-send the note I sent on Jan 5.2011