View Full Version : my tranny lost 3rd and 4th gear in my 90 brougham

12-29-10, 12:31 AM
just when i saved up the money to have the interior reupholstered my tranny went out. i hope i'll find a used one at a reasonable price so i can have this one rebuilt to go with my other motor that i'm rebuilding now.

12-31-10, 02:47 AM
well i found a used trans for $250, i installed it today and drove around for an hour. it shifts kinda weird but it could be because my down shift cable is messed up so i unhooked it.i'll be fixing it tomorrow i hope it will start shifting right.

12-31-10, 08:23 AM
nice man! on my '87 caddy the cable was self adjusting. when I put a new carb on it, the shifting was messed up until I did the self adjustment thing and then it worked great! good luck! keep us posted

12-31-10, 05:59 PM
well damn i can't find a downshift cable and it feels like 1st is out on this trans.all that work just to take it back out dang:banghead:

12-31-10, 08:17 PM
The 700 does have a TV cable that needs to be abjusted.
Here's a link:

01-01-11, 01:56 AM
yea the tv cable is what is messed up with mine.i was calling it a down shift cable. but the trans is bad, first gear grinds, rattles and slips :mad2:

01-02-11, 11:34 PM
What trans is in your car? You can not run a 2004r or 200r4...what ever it is without a TV cable. It will burn it up. A th-350 can run with out one, but it's not a fun ride.

01-04-11, 06:00 PM
the trans is a 700r4. the salvage gave me another trans to put in and said he tested it himself. well this one did fine till i got on the highway and it didn't have 4th gear:hmm: so i thought the tv cable was too tight, i loosened it and still same problem but when i came to a stop light and it turned green it wouldn't come out of 1st gear :hmm:so i called the salvage he said bring it to him and he will get it to work but its 40 miles away and $150 to have it towed there.oh and no money back exchange only :banghead:

01-07-11, 09:40 AM
well i got the trans to work.i drove it to a local shop that rebuilds transmissions and he checked a few things.turns out that the tv valve was stuck inside the valve body.he pulled the tv cable in and out while the car was running and it slowly worked itself loose.today im installing a new tv cable that i ordered from the dealer and while im under the car again changing the fluid and filter.

01-07-11, 01:09 PM
cool man. automatic transmissions always scare me. even just doing the filter and fluid change i'm afraid I'll mess something up. something about the price to have them fixed if you do F up just scares me :D

01-08-11, 06:42 AM
:mad::mad: well i installed the tv cable. set it by pushing the button on the side of it , retracted it, then i attached the inner cable to the throttle linkage.i then opened the throttle all the way open which made the outside sleeve extend out.it was shifting perfect but i got on the highway and no 4th gear :want:oh yea i changed the fluid and filter also. then after a while the tv valve started sticking again but i'm able to work it loose.so i'm going to drive it up to the salvage where i got the trans so he can see for himself that it's a bad trans he keeps telling me that the cable isn't set right.i now have $350 wrapped up in this trans and i could of had my trans rebuilt for $400.:rant2:

01-08-11, 06:51 AM
a new problem started tonight while i was driving. my abs light has been on since i've owned this brougham and it went off.thats a good thing but the washer fluid light came on and now there's i chime ringing when i turn my lights on while driving.when i hit the brakes the chime goes off. i walked around the car to see if any bulbs were out but they are all good.:nono:

01-08-11, 02:01 PM
well the problem i was having with the lights chime was a dash cluster fuse:rolleyes: i wish the trans was that easy

01-09-11, 08:29 AM
:hmm:the fuse keeps blowing it says ga-trans does anyone know what the fuse is protecting.could it be for the transmission

01-09-11, 09:02 AM
this is what the fuse is connected to it controls the:

automatic braking system.
door locks.
twilight sentinel.
chime module.
electronic level control.
illuminated entry.
instrument panel lights.
theft deterrent controller.
torque converter clutch.

03-22-11, 10:53 PM
well i got half my money back from the salvage, and i got 2 bad transmissions. i got 1 of them rebuilt and i installed it today with a new torque converter, now it does nothing.tomorrow i'm going to re seat the converter maybe i didn't push it in far enough.if that don't work i'm towing it to the shop that rebuilt the trans.

03-22-11, 11:12 PM
How much fluid did you put in the rebuilt tranny? I wanna say newly rebuilt trannys take like 13 quarts. You can disconnect the tranny line at the radiator and start the car to see if any fluid comes out.

03-23-11, 09:10 AM
i put 2 quarts in the torque converter then added 8 quarts in the trans after installing it. then i started the car let it run around 45 min and kept checking the fluid level and adding till it was at the right level, all together it was 11 quarts. the torque converter had a little fluid in when i got it from o'reillys.after i turn the motor off i can hear something still spinning for a second.i'm going to call the shop when it opens and see what they say.

03-23-11, 10:21 AM
Dangit man! You should be a pro at removal and installation of these anyway. Not that it was hard but that's a lot of time in and out with trans in such a short amount of time. Glad you have "stick-to-it-iveness". Keep going, you'll get it right eventually.

03-23-11, 04:04 PM
yea i'm no stranger to working on cars and trucks but rebuilding a trans scares me with all the parts involved to do it so i figured i'd let a pro do that, guess i should have tried it but anyway,i called the shop that rebuilt it and he was off today so i have to wait.when he gets back i'll either have him come to my house or have it towed to him because i'm tired of installing and uninstalling the trans and i'm sure the problem's in the valve body.

03-24-11, 08:48 PM
well it works oriellys gave me the wrong torque converter their computer says all 700r4 trans take 30 spline teeth converters but mine is 27 spline. the trans is a older one the trans shop said it's a 1984 or earlier.

03-27-11, 02:25 PM
A mis adjusted TV cable will destroy a trans! Never ever drive a car with one mis adjusted or disconnected. I always readjusted mine every 6 months or so to be safe. My THM200C lasted over 275k miles and 100k of that was with a 350 and a mild cam in front of it.

A soft shift is a sure sign of a misadjusted TV cable. It controls line pressure, and soft line pressure will have weak clutch pack pressure and it takes VERY little to wipe a transmission if line pressures are low.