: Enhancing Literary Themes

12-28-10, 10:25 PM
A question for the those who might know (and an odd question for the Cadillac forum, I'm sure). Figured perhaps some of you could shed some light on the subject or bring new perspective to it.

I've been working on a written work for a few weeks now and I'd say it's about halfway done. I've worked hard on introducing and keeping to a theme.

The real question I have is: How do I inject the theme into the work without beating the reader over the head with it? I want it to be prevalent, but don't feel it needs to be in every single scene. How do I find a balance?

12-29-10, 03:09 PM
Depends on the theme and the nature of the work. Fiction? Non-fiction? Are all your characters fictional or are some real people in a ficticious setting? Is the work a drama, comedy, somthing else? Is it light reading or heavy? Is your theme broad (e.g.: love, loyalty) or specific (e.g.: this individual is a good/bad person and here's why). I need more information.