: 2011 SRX - Question - Infotainment displays -- dashes?

12-28-10, 10:21 PM
I drive the 2011 Base model without navigation. On the Infotainment display in the top center of the display the left side and right side dual climate temperature numbers are indicated. (For example 68 70 depending on the settings).
My question is, on several occasions I noticed the numbers are replaced with dashes (Example --- ---). The system works perfectly and if I change the temperature setting the numbers reappear.
Has anyone noticed this or does anyone know what the dashes represent? I have searched the manual and cannot find any reference to the reason for displaying dashes.

Smokin' SRX
12-28-10, 11:46 PM
I don't have a Base model, so not sure, but on my Performance model the temp numbers do disappear when heat/AC is OFF. Could this be what u r seeing? Just a guess...........

We have a few other Base owners here. Perhaps they will speak up .....


12-29-10, 08:39 AM
As documented below, this is a known issue with some 2010 models. Your dealer may balk at the suggestion that this TSB could apply to your vehicle because it specifically pertains to the 2010 model. Since there is no change in the HVAC system for the 2011 year, hypothetically it is possible to have the same problem with yours.


SRX - HVAC temperature setting display shows dashes or HVAC menu is blank

Reprogram the HVAC module

Do not replace the radio/HVAC control assembly or HVAC module

Technical Service Bulletin no. 10-01-39-001


12-29-10, 09:39 AM
I will reference that TSB when I visit my dealer (for the seat belt recall) in January. Thank you very much.

12-29-10, 07:36 PM
You're quite welcome. Hope everything works out for you.